Tampa, Florida

I find it disgusting that publix let's there customer service staff get drunk and fratanize in there parking lot after closing the store. I work nearby the publix on Clark road and beneva road and have witnased this kind of stuff happan alot and have learned that bouth the people involved are married too.

I think it's just wrong for the managers to know about this and still let this go on at the workplace.

What kind of morals are publix trying to show by letting this kind of behaver take place on there property. thank you for reading.

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Why don't you mind your own business and get a life they can do whatever they want after shift is done you must be lonely person worried about what people are doing that the problem you don't and you post things stick your hate up your ***


I noticed the same thing Michael, it is funny they allow words such as *** but what's wrong with "**** without the stars.


The word that I wrote which was filtered was pre-t e e n. Don't know why ***/ pre-teen is filtered.


I agree with you all that this is a fake. Obviously written by a teen or *** to get attention.


Had a good laugh reading this complaint. There were so many gramatical and spelling errors that I find it hard to believe that someone would take this nut seriously.


Aren't you sorry now that you dropped out of the third grade?


You must have been drunk when you wrote this letter. Laci, don't blame them for the letter they were drunk when they posted it which explains their spelling errors not to mention other errors.


First off, it really isn't anyone's business what employees of a company do after hours. If they want to have affairs, that is between them and God.

Second "witnased" is spelled "witness," "happan" is "happened," "bouth" is "both" and last but not least, "behaver" is spelled "behavior." You can't expect anyone to take you seriously when you kant spel gud. :p