Key Largo, Florida

Expired fresh date dairy is common at the Publix in Key Largo..especially cottage cheese, and Greek yoghurt.

When this is pointed out to the managers, they really do not care....same managers have been there for years.

They never check the dairy cases themselves and

this has happened over a period of several years.

Fresh dates have been more than 2 months past expiration.bakery staff is poorly trained.

They wear gloves, but touch face and mouth and then the baked goods.Check out personnel are the worst.

They separate plastic bags by wetting fingers in mouth and then touching bags.

This in spite of the fact that they have a wet sponge to dampen fingers at the register.

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I have noticed a trend in our Palm City Publix to not rotate dairy and prepackaged lettuce; this often leaves expired product on the shelf.


What exactly is yoghurt?

How can cottage cheese be expired and fresh at the same time?