Stone Mountain, Georgia

After working for Publix from July 2000 to Aug. 2009 the company has went through many changes.

Alot of the famlly left the day to day operations of the company. Now it dosn't has people like Mr.George, his son , these new leaders (ha ha) don't care about there staff just the bottom line.

Yes thay have gotten rid of alot of there full time people. part time is cheaper.I can't re call the last time i went into a Publix.a year or longer I take my Publix ad to Walmart and spend my Publix retirement money.The Walmart in Rockmart,ga.does very well in customer service.

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I think Publix is amazing. I always shop at MY Publix because all of the associates are so friendly and the store is so clean and fresh. Wal Mart prices are not much lower and the stores/people are just unpleasant


It's crazy how thing can change ... I worked for Publix for many year too, And decided to leave becusa of the new change's ....

I think there are alot of us out there ... If it wasn't for the people like us on the bottem the people on the top would have nothing .. I say WHAT GO AROUND COME AROUND!

It alway does!!!! :upset


463.566,1184. 463 is 3 mi of bob moores house, his wife and him came in all the time, but was the best store i worked in, every one in the store worker even the managers


Which store # did you work at? Iam at #554 I feel the same. Alot of new changes SMH!