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What is going on? With job layoffs, foreclosures and all the other negative stuff going on why does Publix kick this bit of holiday cheer to the curb? They can't blame it on the bad economy because more people are eating & entertaining at home because they can no longer afford to go out.

Bad move by Publix! Considering that a lot of the food samples are supplied by the vendors. Also, the possibility of employees making overtime or working more hours.

Publix=Scrooge During these tough times they are being Cheap, Cheap, Cheap.

Hope they get coal in their stocking!

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I don't know what the big whine-athon is about. Your complaint isn't valid.

Publix has Holiday Fest every day but it has a different name now. Its called "Aprons Simple Meals" whipe away the tears and go 362 days a year to eat your free food.


:zzz just shut up


are you seriously complaining because publix isn't giving you free stuff? wow.

that is a courtesy that publix has been providing their communities with, you should be thankful they ever did it. Also, no overtime was given and most of the samples were not done by vendors but by employees.


Holiday fest was a wonderful way of showing off the products Publix sells during the holiday's...but once the Publix product line has been exposed...not much reason to continue this program..it was a very costly event and truly the last few years it was not much more than a food give-a-way...


:cry publix great


First off, to the "brilliant" individual who believes his lengthy post would ever make a "Publix Official" shiver in their boots, you're very laughable.

Secondly. Did you know our own President, Mr. Todd Jones, gave up his Christmas Bonus back to the company? Did you know the reason why we are doing .15 cent raises instead of .50 cents, is to not lay off a single employee? Publix has NOT done this, and have NO plans to.

Publix purchased 41 Albertsons stores in the state of Florida with the idea OF gutting them out completely, remodeling them, and opening them as Publix Stores. It is a VERY Smart Business decision, as Publix would never buy out 41 stores, remove the signs and place their own there, polish the floors and call it good. What kind of *** do you gotta be to even think that's not a good idea? OF COURSE PUBLIX are going to completely gut these existing structures out!

I have worked for Publix for a total of nearly 11 years, and I have enjoyed every single moment of it. I have full benefits, stock GIVEN to me, Health, Dental, Vision, LIFE insurance, and all I have to do is show up and give 100%. Sure, I have had my ups and downs along the way, and my managers never threat to terminate me from my position, they work with me on improving and doing better in the long run.

I'm just appalled that someone like you, hiding your identity for one, would come on here and badmouth such a wonderful company. I was reading your rant out loud to employees and a manager on break today, and we were laughing at you. I couldn't even finish everything that you wrote because of how idiotic it was!

Listen, if you despise Publix so much, leave, be done with it, open the door for someone else to come along and prove you were indeed expendable. You go off to your other "company" that you claim to of improved sales in, and have fun!

Also, did you guys and gals know, that ALL 55 stores in the city of Jacksonville, Florida had Holiday Fest? Facts, facts, facts. They're true, and they stand tall ;)


To various grinches(or maybe just one), I would like to address some of your issues. If my diet was relying on Publix to feed me free once a year I think I would be dead by now.

As far as not buying any of the items sampled you would be wrong.

What was missed were the High School Choir or Band that performed in previous years. The Santa strolling through the store giving good cheer. The appearance of a corporation taking time to appreciate the customer enough to organize the event.

To make it feel a little less corporate and a little more 'hometown'. BAH HUMBUG To PUBLIX


I've never been to a Publix seasonal feast but, for the exact reasons you stated regarding the economy, etc., the decision to discontinue this promotion seems to be prudent. I would prefer seeing the advertising dollars spent to feed the homeless or needy.


NONE of the products we gave out for Holiday Fest were supplied by the vendors. Why would that even make sense?

The whole point was to get people to buy more meals and holiday foods, but we probably wasted more than we even sold feeding a couple hundred people.

Did you even buy anything last year after enjoying your experience at your local Publix's Holiday Fest? Probably not, we are here to make money, we're not a freaking food bank.


Publix Officials,

This is lengthy so I hope you read and learn from what I am about to express to you business wise. But being Publix I am skeptical since your business decisions are so unprofessional.

Publix has excellent workers (not managers) that are surely unrecognized for talent, skill and knowledge. Yet you reward them now with only a 10 to 15 cent an hour wage increase, truly an insult with no incentive to stay with Publix. There four stores in the area I work (I do work for Publix but am leaving) and there 10 people currently looking to leave Publix from those 4 stores. Even those with 10 years experience, as there so fed up with Publix now. Once family, employee oriented but not anymore and terrible pay increases. Store managers are extremely rude and the one in Perry I understand from at least 5 employees their, swears at the employees.

The decision to purchase 40 Albertson food stores in Florida gives an example of unwise business decisions and common business sense. Very high upper management revealed Publix (thought) the purchased stores had to only be remodeled and cleaned up in order to open them under Publix name. Once purchased, they discovered most now have to be totally gutted out and rebuild inside. Halting the building of new stores on the agenda.

This tells everyone that Publix didn’t even have the sense to go to every store to examine the stores to see exactly what was involved in reopening them. All it would take was sending 10 people to go look and make a full report on 4 stores each. Obviously this didn’t happen. So now it will cost Publix more. Since this purchaes they have halted buildng stores.

I have extensive experience in where I work at Publix. I grew up in business since a very young age and even had two very successful businesses I started on my own, including writing the bank proposals.

I have tried numerous times to talk to upper Publix managers (not store managers) on how to increase business sales in the department I work in. Every time I tried, all they could say is how much experience they have. Yet all they proved is how close-minded they are and actually know nothing about the business or business alone.

For the past two years I have been helping another major food store increase their sales by thousands of dollars a week in the department I have extensive experience, skills and knowledge. I was contacted by this food store personally by upper management and asked to help them generate higher sales and less waste. They mentioned they heard about my extensive experience, skills and knowledge in the field I am in. I was asked if I would go to one of their stores to help generate higher sales, less waste. So I accepted and spend 3 hours at the store. Sales where averaging 13-15 thousand dollars a week for major holidays. This store has less then half of what Publix has in this department.

By doing what I suggested and recommended their sales have now increased an average of 5-8 thousand a week for the holidays. They now generate 75% less waste, an increase of 1-3 thousand dollars weekly year round. I still help this company when needed. No, I do not accept pay from them.

When asked why I don’t help Publix the company I work for, I mention they don’t want to hear from experience and since it doesn’t come from a manager they won’t listen anyway. Also Publix goes 100% strictly by the book when it comes to giving customers products and doesn’t listen to workers when customers want an item placed on the floor. The customer is forced to custom order the item. Most don’t want to have to order or even wait.

In the past 3 weeks the store I work at for Publix has lost 5 customers (permanently) as they can’t get what they want when their. The customers said they don’t want to have to special order or have to come back. All said they would now be shopping at Kroger’s and never return to Publix. Since they can get what they want when they walk in and not have to special order or wait.

Why does this occur? Publix goes 100% strictly by the book, hurting sales. I personally figured on just one item we couldn’t feature because it isn’t in the book, that Publix is loosing over $600,000.00 a year. I figured just 1000 stores not actual amount of stores they now have.

Publix has opportunities to lead the food store industry ahead of Kroger’s. But with a closed mind, not listening to experience, skilled and knowledgeable works, having unskilled managers, I do not see that every coming to reality. Publix can have 3000 stores yet will be behind their #1 competitor Kroger’s because of this.

I intend to go into business for myself again, as I know I can do very well and so much better. One of the businesses I formerly had, had customers from the east coast to west coast, north to south. I acquired these customers in just 6 months.

I hope this has opened your eyes on the potential you have on leading the food store industry and keeping employees from leaving for a company that still cares, listens, acts upon and takes care of its employees, including decent wage increases.


I am sorry but you have know clue what you are talking about. Publix has not laid off one person in these hard economic times.

The way they have avoided this is by not giving out all the free stuff. They still do aprons meals with plenty of food on the plate. I guess if that is not enough free food for you maybe you should look at your diet.

Plus look how much Publix donates to chairitys and to soldiers fighting for our country. So before you complain about free food consider the facts.


LOl food stamps! hilarious!


The original complainant is not telling you the entire truth. Publix stores in Atlanta are doing sampling events on December 5th and 12th.

Vendors pay very little of the cost.

Associates will be working extra hours for this event. You'll just have to make your food stamps stretch a little further this year.



is all you ppl coming to sample

(rather eat your dinner)

than purchase any of the products

sorry that we had to cut cost but it keeps us all employed and for that i am greatfull. happy holiday


i used to work for publix many years ago i'm sorry to miss it this year


I work for publix and the reasons we have been given for not having holiday fest is that it is a huge cost(millions of dollars) and no one buys anything. people come to sample but do not order the products being sample, nor do they purchase that many products at that time.

I know my company is very sorry to displease customers but we have had to make a lot of cuts to stay in the black; raises for hourly wages have decreased from maximum 50 cents to maximum 15 cents; all stores have been forced to cut the amount of hours and absolutely no overtime. a lot of the food samples aren't supplied by vendors, who we do have to pay, maybe 4 of the cheaper ones but almost all of the deli, bakery, and meat are from our own products.