Stone Mountain, Georgia
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While Publix has some great fresh produce, their staff is rude nearly every time I go their. One of their staff members even mocked the way I speak English telling me that she needed to read my lips because I spoke English too properly.

When I called the main office about this problem and other problems I was ignored.

Also, on more than one occasion Publix staff have refused to help me find items in their store, even lying and saying they did not have certain products; but when I looked thoroughly I found them. When I pointed out that the product was in fact there, I was just shrugged off.

The staff here is so bad that I avoid going to this store. Kroger which is only 200 feet away has excellent service nearly every time I go there.

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Not all store is the same I've work at one store it was great and the second one no so I will say this if you tried to get ride of employees that you didn't like then shame on you just to let you know your complaint go on there reviews so If you want to complain go for it I might run into your job and get you fired


It is too bad you can't shop the Publix in Crestview Florida. They have great service, and are very friendly.

I guess not all Publix stores are bad. :grin


If you find the product you're looking for, why come back just to rub it in our face? We really could care less.


So go to Kroger. Is that so hard to figure out?