Give me a break, was at the Jensen Beach store yesterday and in there attempt to lessen the blow they had ground round marked down to $4.11lb. That tells me next week both ground chuck and round will be over the top and make you think market ground beef is a bargain at almost $5.00 bucks per pound.

GIVE ME A BREAK!!! I have know idea how Publix arrives at there price points but rest assured it's not by checking the competition prices. I've noticed SALE prices at Publix on National Brands are equal to or more than there competition.

At least shopping at is quick and easy, because hardly anyone's in the store to get in you way!!

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have you checked cattle prices lately. a calf with an age of 3-6 months weighing roughly 300lbs is being sold at market for about $3.40-$5.40 a pound which equals to $1020 on the low side to $1620 on the side. then the calf has to be trucked out west to the feed lot to be raised and fatten (which takes approximately 9months to a year), then shipped to the slaughter house ,were they will end up getting anywhere from 60-66%on that animals final weight(1200-1400lbs) then box and shipped all over the country


Ground beef is currently at a national high price, as has been reported in the news lately.

The prices you quote are very competitive, especially since Publix offers in-store ground quality,

and not the pre-pack you normally find at competitors stores.