North Augusta, South Carolina
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There's no way in *** this can be one of the best companies to work for. Maybe when mr george was around it was ,now you have mangers that walk around and dm that can not even speak to it's associates.

When you say hello to them They look at you like you have 2 heads or something . From what I have seen in the stores is all they care about is them selves. This is not the same publix I use to know.

It's takes good people to run a store. You would think the employes would get a pat on the back every now and then .

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It's not about getting a pat on the back, but some recognition for the hard work that we do. There is a lot of managers who only cares for themselves and takes the credit from other employees. Considering that Publix boast that their number one asset is their associates, you wouldn"t think so if you worked for them.