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I was rudely moved aside my shopping cart and told it was there job to push it out for me.When I tried to take it back he just kept walking.

The manager dave said i should be more acceptable to there policy and i should get over it. This dave guy is so pig headed. Publix is a terrible store. There managers stink.

Are two faced back stabbing people. Enclosed is the manager dave. Publix is private and not on wall street. If they were then they couldnt behave the way they do.

They dont believe in equal rights.Boycott Publix

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of publix manager. Publix needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Palm Beach, Florida, United States #1199425

You are fired, Remember to vote for me


There is no Publix in Raleigh, NC!!! This letter sounds like some dumbs**t KevinRichards would write...


At least he's got a nice tan!

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #970618

This post is so *** and childish!


Aww,how cute. Sounds like someone is crushing on the man in the photo. :)


I don't understand. You're angry that they wanted to help you out with your groceries? There's just no making you happy, is there?

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #961173

I would not worry about the post. Judging by the grammatical errors and the unrealistic statement that a professional manager would use the term "get over it" the individual posting it has issues.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #961079

There are false claims against my store and I. I have contacted my lawyer, and if this post along with my picture is not removed by March 23, 2015 I will be seeking legal action against the libel post made about me.

to David Laird #961372

Seriously?Dave, you need to look at it differently.

Anonymous is right. This individual seems to be one of those thin skinned morons that just look for a reason to get upset at someone. I really would reconsider your position on this one. Look how many times this *** uses the wrong word for "their".

From my point of view, you have two fantastic options.

First, embrace the fact that your picture is on display and update it with one that shows you from your best side, well lit, professionally done in the midst of flipping the bird to these tools. Second (and might I say is my personal favorite option), send an invoice charging the person for using your image.

Add a surcharge for temporary unlicensed usage, demand net 10 payment and when they don't produce the funds, send in a collections group to get the money you are due.

The individual is upset because someone pushed a basket when he/she wanted to.That's either a person that just got a new iPad for their third birthday or a grown up with issues.

to mikethephotographer Orange, California, United States #961976

For your last paragraph I wonder that myself. Most of the complaints here are from supposed "grownups"acting like two or three year old kids because they did not get what they wanted.

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