Fort Myers, Florida

Publix stores are poping up on every corner, and management gets worse.They promote employees on numbers test and these employees have no people skills.They screw up constantly,turn their heads to other employee mistakes. They expect other employees to pick up the slack. When they do not,they are harassed and eventually are written up and treated badly while the dead wait lingers around.Its as if mang,is afraid of them or just use the dead wait as an exscuse not to give raises.Why dont they train these managers.Instead its sink or swim,no gain

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The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell,(5-and be respectful


I been with Publix since 2002 and I know my job well its just that I can not pass the test for some reason I wish they would go by performance not test scores. Some people are not great test takers


OK.Here we go.. I gave co.

16 yrs.and retired. First,Managers started quiting,then we F/T did resets,testing,transfered. That didn't work. Complained,took notice,our names weren't on Special list.Then,came another lawsuit,hhmm.

Imagine a 23 yr old,telling a,45 yr old what to do,he had 5yrs ex. Oh, I forgot,his girlfriend was daughter of St. Mang. I loose.

Now my Son is trying system,good luck..New Pres. is threatening to watch emp.

take their picture,visit stores.One problem, I past my test,the other guy didnt. Watch him..


I think you mean weight not in my opinion you are not the right person to even give the most basic view point on management.


Qualifications for Publix Management:

1) Over the age of 18.

2) Six months of Full-time work.

3) Pass the Management Battery Test.

Wow! Very skilled and knowledgeable.


Publix is full of "FAKES" being an employee in publix I know the ins and outs. Before working, employees are taught that the managers are there to help with anything and will always strive to help as best as possible... *** In my store, managers talk down to you and the store manager will never do a favor for an employee. Messed up my wrist, yet im asked to carry propane tanks... Don't bother asking to move up... even if you've had great evaluations. They have so much pride for themselves it's ridiculous. Scheduling is done by machine now "oasis" and managers feel they are too good to help out when we are short people. What happens when u have 2 baggers to clean an entire store?? Our managers tell us we'll be fine. What is that? Or when you have 3 baggers to clean a store an they take one away to help cashiers finish up isles? Then when the cashiers leave, those 2 baggers are left by themselves cleaning the store.

Great customer service? LOL, all an act; All fake. They dont care about the customer. Most publix employees focus on kissing as much *** as possible in order to move up rather then having a genuine want to help customers. Hard to work when you have no one to lead by example... not to mention most managers are complete airheads.

Publix is terrible to work at. They offer great benefits but treat employees that aren't managers like ***. Team leaders spend so much time kissing managers *** that they dont bother with everyone else.

I've met some good managers before in publix, however my store is terrible and it is one of the newer ones.


According to everyones opinion above it is a little bot of everything because yes to get a managers position now and days you will need ( a long term deticated relationship with the company, a how to relationship with the employees, and a lot of face time with the pre management staff there.) The company is no longer a people person based company it is all about the $ now so it is important for who you know and what you know to get to the next level on this company. And remember productivity is also key.


i agree, i have seen managers stading around picking therre pockets whiel bagers are strugaling to bag. it sickends me when managers think there *** dont stink and they can do what ever they want and get a *** load of money.


So many grammatical errors. Any way it is not fair for you to generalize or profile.

Most of the managers I have worked with, and I have worked in 15 different stores, are very passionate about how their stores are run. Not to generalize myself, but I feel that todays generation is lazy and feel entitled. They expect things to be given to them.

They have no work ethic! Sorry that you feel that a good secure job is not worth working for!


Publix has a monopoly in FL, therefore very little to compare, or contrast(goes for employees too-Winn Dix is so not a factor!!) They practice good and weird/right wing policies, and their employees/please many.(ones who focus on Cust Serv, and have that touch)

Greenwise is, well kinda corny....not even close to TJ's or Whole Foods!If Im paying top dollar I don't want a wana-Be!! Publix has only TJ's and WF's to be worried about breaking its monopoly!


I guess it all depends in the region you work in, on how promotions are given. In the Lakeland region, if you can pass a test, based on a number, you can be promoted!!

I have been w/ Publix going on 6 years, and have considered management several times, only to be "kicked to the curb" because someone who comes in w/ some sort of "management" experience, gets chosen to be trained because of the so called experience they claim to have had. And only with the company a little over a year, so PLEASE don't try to say it takes years of working there to get promoted!! It all depends on how well you suck up & brown nose your department manager....and I for one, have never, and will never do that. I will happily stick with my 6am-3pm schedule and tell them exactly what they can do with their management jobs.....=)

It isn't worth the hassle, as far as I am concerned, to have to put up with what some managers have to go through!!


:) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x


Anyone who thinks Publix sucks must be a bad customer!


There are those of you out there who are just plain "bad customers" and act like you can be rude to everyone and they are suppose to kiss your butt!! ? grow up and get a life!!!! They should give classes at the YMCA for people like you to become good customers and therefore good people!! GO PUBLIX !! I LOVE YOU !


Wow...."no people skills", "management gets worse" etc.

I object to just about everything you have stated.

Publix has a standard, for people to even be considered to become managers. Years ago, you had to "proof" yourself for a lengthy amount of time (10 years was not uncommon), to even be promoted into a managers position !

Publix has some of the most qualified managers and leaders in the retail business. (And that is one of the reasons why we are still stable, haven't closed any stores, or had to lay off workers yet)

Publix spends an average of $3000 to $5000 & up for qualified people, in order to give proper training, refining their skills...leading into management.

Since we are considering ourselves a "TEAM", there is the possibility that there are some employees which need more and closer attention then others. They are not necessarily "dead weight", and everyone is giving a fair chance to improve and excel.

Raises reflect individual performance, and there are always 2 managers involved in doing so.

Just because you see people as "dead weight", doesn't mean they really are.

How do you know, whether or not they are legally classified as having some handicap ?

So, you go ahead and label them......"dead weight", because they are not doing their job as quick, or as efficient...etc.

We are all team players here, and if one isn't or can't it's not the managers fault.

We are skilled and have knowledge...but we are certainly no miracle workers by any means !


Judging from your typing skills, it would appear that you are, indeed, an ***. Publix managers are some of the most well-trained managers you will find in a retail environment.

It's also very apparent that you don't understand retail management in any way, or you would see the benefit of getting rid of dead weight.

Finally, should raises be given to those you describe as "dead weight"? That seems to be what you implied...


Publix managers are no more intelligent than any random person you find on the street.


I see a lot of negativity here. Yes, you do not have to any more intelligent as anyone on the street, but I don't really see the validity to that argument.

I will say most managers have worked hard for their positions and work hard for their associates and customers. Of course with ANY company the best suited aren't always the ones promoted, however like I said that's with ANY company these days.

Publix still does their best to stay true to their customers and their associates. I instill great customer service everyday.