Stone Mountain, Georgia

I work as customer service office staff at a publix in north Georgia. I bend over backwords for my employer and to ensure customers are leaving happy.

Unfortunately I am left with no choice but to question every customer complaint and potential refund due to the amount of *** artists that take advantage of the customer service industry. It seems to be that people take advantage of the idea that we can give you money for dissatisfaction essentially. My previous manager told me to refund at my own discression. My newest manager basically tells me to give everyone money no matter what.

Im sorry but you shoppers who think you can come in wearing sunglasses and or talking a million miles per hour without a receipt or item to speak of need to wise up and face reality. What you are doing is wrong and you are taking advantage of young and or underpaid employees. My current managers do absolutely nothing to discipline the employees or stick around enough to help support employees that are being taken advantage of. They just don't really care.

No matter how well or poorly you did on your last 6 month period you stay on their corporate payscale. I know one of the employees at my store even has a goatee the managers do not care. I once had managers that would sendemployees home if they didn't want to do teir work or had facial hair.

This is making it an unfair and unfriendly work place. I am not paid enough to close the store deal with angry customers and control the employees and their attitude and appearance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Enjoyed this post, Ron, and I've seen some of these justifications up-close and pesnoral.a0 Until someone steps up and deems . . .


If you are in the Customer Service area, do your job. I don't believe you were hired to control, rat, or discipline any employee.

Publix has a policy that states that if the customer is not completely satisfied with the purchase, they can bring it back for a full refund.

NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Leave the managing to the managers and just do the job you were hired for.


Actually Harry the policy does not say that..


I work for publix and I know what thay are talking about...we understand if there was somthing wrong with the product...but its different when you eat over majority of the cake a bring it back and say it nasty...or you buy chip..bread ..a deli meat and you make your mean and bring the rest back..or you leave cold or frozen food out at home and bring it back because you forgot and it went bad.


I agree with NeNe wholeheartedly. Don't try to do work above your paygrade.

Let the managers manage and you do what your paid to do at customer service. What you fail to realize is that retail is all about repeat business. If you let a customer leave unhappy, they won't come back. Sure there are those who take advantage but for every one like that there are 100 who don't.

It's all about the big picture. Managers get paid to see it and you don't.


@ NeNe Leakes

You can't tell cashiers this, I have said 1 million times that they just need to focus on being a cashier and not on doing other stuff. They aren't going to get a raise for ratting on other people.

I hate people taking advantage but honestly how many people in this world can say they NEVER EVER have. Not one.


i seriously disagree with those comments. i worked in the deli and she hit the nail on the head.

my store here in lakeland is the same way. if they dont like the milk but still drank it?

no problem they will get their money back plus another gallon for free. its ***.


Seriously you say you are good worker, but it seems like you are too busy seeing how other people are working than doing your job. Also to comment about employees and their work habits to make yourself look better shows bad workmanship skills and shows you are not a team player.

That is your major issue. You are so full of yourself and have to get others in trouble to make yourself look good.


Welcome to the world of *** people who take advantage of a good thing and will eventually ruin it for everybody. Unfortunately, you just told some MORE piece's of *** how to take advantage.


Sweetie, why are you trying to be a manager when you are not paid to be one? You'd be a lot happier if you'd just do your job and leave things out of your control to those who do control them.

@NeNe Leakes

Shut up, he can voice his opinion if he wants too