With so many people out of work especially our veterans why does Publix hire mostly if not all immigrants in their Palm Beach area stores? Barely able to understand them even.

Sick of hearing, well "no one wants these jobs so immigrants take them " Sure !! Publix is looking like Walmart now. Your employees care not about your customers. They ignore them when asked a question and care not if you can understand them.

. which you can't. Americans should have first shot at any job. Period.

If you are good enough for fighting for this country you should have a job so you know you are appreciated. Shame on you Publix. Is greed the reason ?

God knows you make enough money your prices are the highest anywhere. No predjudice involved here just a matter of economy and the respect of our veterans.

Location: Delray Beach, Florida

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I especially love the Publix that hire the English as a second language pharmacy staff. Nothing better than trying to get medicine from someone you can't even understand.

What if I had a really serious problem?

This is America. I want my medicine from people who can speak proper English....and there is NOTHING racist about that.


Immigrants get the msot discriminated at Publix, they get the mopping/ working on the freezer jobs, and to nelly sommers, hey in my store ALL high schoool kids are Americans, so please cut the *** ur son probably wasnt needed or applied too late.. IF YOU APPLY AND SIT ON UR *** BUTT AND DONT INSIST OR CAL OR CALL TO MANAGEMENT TO SHOW THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED MAGIC IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN... HELOUUU THIS IS A *** RECESSION




I hear what everyone is saying, does anyone know how many casualties of war have been immigrants? I mean our military is also full of immigrants, most of the people who have died in the current war have been immigrants.

The fact is that immigrants cant always collect unemployment and they hustle for the jobs, do what it takes to get it, even if it means doing more for less. Soon most of our veterans will be immigrants, then we will have to switch the blame to our war veterans for our lazyness and racism.


"besa mi cula" just kinding... kind of.

after reading your racist complaint i wonder if maybe you are the one who doesn't speak english. oh by the way publix is an equal opportunity employer, but if someone starts burning crosses in the parting lot we know who to look at. and as for the whiny soccer mom complaining her high school kid didn't get a job... good.

they gave the job to a working adult who actually lives in the real world and pays real bills and needs the job.

your son can earn his sports car working somewhere else. jobs are for adults (of any and all races and ethnicities).


You have many run on sentences, sentence fragments. Perhaps they should hire you. You will fit in with these people whose English you cannot understand.


Publix is a great company to work for, American or not. First, all the immigrants I every worked with were respectful and hard working. Second, they never complained about closing our department or opening our department. (I worked for the deli and it is the most demanding location in Publix to work).

Further, Publix has an open mind to employee complaints, comments or concerns among management that is unheard of in corporate America with this day and age. If I had a problem with an immigrant employee or non immigrant employee, I could easily go to management and voice my complaint without it affecting my review for a raise or job perfomance related issue.

No one gets a free ride at Publix as an employee. No one has the power to assume that one nationality is greater than the other there. In fact, with the deli our CUSTOMERS were of all ethinic and spiritual groups, so if I disgriminate against my co-workers, because they are not born in America, than I would probably have a bad attitude towards our non American CUTOMERS. Now tell me...how is this fair? The only CUSTOMERS that ever complained and even threatened harm against a Publix employee in our department, was a born American.

Lastly, Publix is big on hiring U.S. vets that apply. They have to actually apply for the job first. That's kind of a "get the job" requirement. They also hire several mentally handicapped citizens and retired citizens looking to supplement social security.

Please give me a moment to catch my breath here...I can't believe that you would call an organization in the service industry such as Publix unbenificial to veternans or any citizen in this country. Actually, I'm...now speechless.


anytime anyone says a fact which the statements made are the left has to call them names... sooo typical.

exactly what I would expect.. never look at the facts like going to any of the stores to SEE if this happens to be true...

just call names as usual! what else is new ?


So you are saying the Publix should discriminate and not hire immigrants?


I do work at Publix and I am an American I had to call and call. I think it has alot to do with how nuch you wnt a job you cannot put in and keave it at that, you have to show you want to work. :)


I have noticed the stores have many many immigrants and yes, it is hard to understand them. I am a seasonal SnowBird here but it seems out of balance.

There is 10% unemployment and it seems vets should be working and not on unemployment lines.

Men and women need jobs. Our economy here in Florida is looking like California and its for the same reason.


facts speak for themselves

sure is true in my town

my high school son applied for a job at publix never heard a thing


i agreed with you 100% i work for publix in palm beach and the department i work in has 13 employees and 10 are immigrants and i see everyday what you are talking about and it is a shame


"No predjudice(sic) involved here..."



Always nice to hear from the Tebaggers/GOP/KKK crowd. The fact that you felt you had to clarify how prejudiced you aren't speaks volumes of how much you are. Sad.

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