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So... mostly what they said to me at the interview was, we are awesome.

you are nothing. So shut up and don't acting like you are better than us. Yup. That is all about it.

I was a french pastry chef at the fine dining restaurant and try to get a job at Publix bakery because of the bad economy.

And I had another interview set up in other location, but I had to cancel the appointment because I got an offer from other company. So I called customer service, ask for hiring manager. Lady who I spoke with said that she is not working that day. So I ask for the interviewer, she said that that person is not there either.

I politely ask her if I can leave a message for them, then the customer service lady yelled at me "CAN'T YOU JUST CALL BACK LATER???" I asked her what time should I call back. She said right before the interview appointment. I responded her that I don't think it is right because then the interviewer is going to waste her time for nothing so I would like to let her know as soon as she gets there. Then I ask the customer service lady again what time the interviewer comes to work.

Then she goes like "OK! OK! I will let her know!!" and wanted to hang up. I told her my name and appointment time.

Again, she goes "OK! OK! I got it!" then hung up. No King...

what kind of customer service they are having there. So rude.

So unprofessional. For get Publix.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I work for a vending company and I can tell you publix managers are low-life thugs that have been nothing their entire life, now publix gives them a title and instead of focusing on customers and getting the job done efficiently they spend their time walking the store bucking their shoulders and flexing their new manager muscle because they can. They will tell you to do your job in a way that makes no sense just so they can watch you work harder.

Then they will wait until your about to leave and tell you to take a display down knowing it will take you another hour. And I know this because I have heard it come out of their own mouth.

Jamal Da Man

If you could spell "Customer" you would be awesome too!


Seems like somebody is mad they didn't get the job. Publix is a great company don't get me wrong, but for being a French Pastry Chef and getting this mad about a lost opportunity, something just isn't right with your story...oh wait, the whole story doesn't seem right. What I read was a guy who didn't get the job, [get in line with the other millions of people], and who just wanted to complain and make false allegations about yelling on the phone.


Im 18 and ive never complained about Publix as you do. Not for nothing but Publix is one of the only companies offering job security and promoting promotions in general.

And i dont know which store this was but literally everyone at the store i work at acts as a happy cooperative family and are awesome regarding customer service. Btw nice grammar ***


Also learn how to spell.