Livingston, New Jersey

Insider Study. USDA Staff Payed off.

We would like to trust that our providers are serving us the best. Not so. People wake up and don't let your family get sick because someone wants to get rich. Sanderson farms is were publix gets there processed chicken.

Publix needs to get a closer look on what their producers are sending out. Sending someone out for a quick walk though to make sure they don't see fat want cut it.

They need to fix what really goes on behind the seens when there not there. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO HELD RESPONSIBLY IMMEDIATELY.

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Could someone please enlighten me as to what this has to do with Publix and/or poisoning children? Dissapointed in Denver bought boneless chicken from Albertson and found bones.

It cost nine dollars, a refund was requested and received five and Albertsons has lost a customer over four bucks.

Is this right? Again, back to my original question, what does this have to do with Publix?


Sanderson Farms chicken purchasers beware! Please see my complaint below.

P.S. When I called Sanderson Farms a second time to ask why I was not given a full refund, I was told that I was never originally told I'd get a full refund and that $5 is what they usually do. I was then told she'd put my follow up call on "their" desk and let them decide what to do. Well guess what?

While your "deciding what to do" when the answer is so obviously clear, your customers are jumping ship and buying from one of the MANY other chicken providers out there. Providers who don't put BONES in their BONESLESS skinless chicken!


Bought some BONELESS skinless chicken from my local Albertson's here in town. When I called to complain about getting BONES in my BONELESS chicken I was told I would receive a refund for my purchase.

All necessary information was obtained from me including my purchase price. I paid over $9 for my package of chicken and received a check in the mail for $5. I have photos of the letter I received as well as the check. I will be posting them soon through other outlets that let pictures be shown.

Do not waste your time buying chicken from this supplier. Obviously they count on people not calling in or complaining because when a legitimate problem was brought to their attention, they chose to not do the right thing. Questionable way to run a business. Didn't care to take the time to do proper quality control to ensure there were no bones and now they don't want to pay.

They are lucky as *** no one got hurt because then they'd really have *** to pay.

Stop being cheap and treat your customers right! You have lost a customer over $4 because you didn't do the right thing when given the chance!


Wake up yourself! I work for a competitor and you have no idea what you are talking about.

Be specific! there is nothing wrong with Sanderson Farms chicken!

Chicken is a filthy animal, everyone knows it, but we keep buying it anyway. If you don't like Sanderson Farms chicken, buy another brand ***


Please be more specific. If you are going to write a complaint.

What is bad about the chicken?

Are they not refrigerated right, poor conditions for the live chickens? Etc...