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Back in the day I worked for Publix as a cashier and quickly worked my way up to the front office. Back then treating all employees with respect and fairness was high on Mr. Jenkins list.

Recently Publix went to a Pay for Performance policy as a way to save money and ***-out poor performers. Now senior citizens who work for Publix are expected to keep up with teenagers. The result is a cut in their paychecks. Have you ever noticed how many older employees there are at your Publix? Surprised that this has not been challenged in a courtroom as a Class Action Discrimination Suit. Long term older employees can't be expected to work at the same pace as younger employees.

No Publix employee is really safe. What's to say if you rub any manager the wrong way, that you will not receive a low evaluation even if you are a top performer? What if managers are able to increase their bonuses by keeping employee wages down due to this pay system? This could be wide open for abuse.

The Distribution Warehouses have also been hit with this greedy, I mean cost-saving idea. Workers are expected to work at super-human levels in order to keep within VERY strict time limits. Fall below your time quota and you are given a choice to resign or be fired.

But wait, there's more, if too many employees are able to make their quota the time limit is shortened so that those employees are paid less for their higher performance. I know this for a fact since it happened to a family member. Not only is this practice unfair it also puts their employees in danger. Having workers race around a warehouse full of racks, product, carts, pallets, pallet jacks and forklifts etc... is an accident waiting to happen and perhaps a lawsuit, too.

Talk about poor employee relations! Looks to me like the spirit and values of George Jenkins are no longer with Publix. I have decided to take my business elsewhere and so have many of my friends and relatives.

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No Way, Publix is still the best.


To 1215099{tyrone georgia}Toby go wipe that *** from your face,You are a kiss a-s, Your breath smells like an outhouse on a shrimp boat, clean your self up, Shame on you!


I agree you get good reviews but they hold you back they give you low score because they want you to leave. Hay if they want all the young teen to do the work ok just give us early retirement package plan


I am in total agreement. They also discriminate against people with disabilities.

They hire senior citizens to meet their quota for hiring people with disabilities, but they will not hire anyone with a visible disability. I would love to see Publix become a unionized company so they can no longer take advantage of working class citizens.


I work for Publix as a produce clerk and I have held many jobs throuout the years. First I want to say that most people who say they work hard, don't really have a work ethic at all.

I have a gentleman at my store who bags groceries at 87 years old, and guess what. He keeps up with, sometimes even surpasses, the teenagers who sit in the break room taking ten minute breaks every hour. We also have five people with numerous disabilities in my store as well. One of them is a department manager.

If any of our associates have a legitimate problem with the way the store is run then they can speak up, it is their company after all. They are the stock holders and ultimately, the owners of this company. From my experience, not just from within Publix but in the entire workforce, most people just have a problem with following the rules and they have a problem with working. People are lazy and they want something for nothing.

Even in Publix we have people who dont fit our criteria but have put in too much time to be fired. But those people will be held back.

People like me who do hard work to make my store a better place are the ones who will get the promotion and they are the ones who will get noticed. You just have to know how to play their game.


To anonymous(1198631) The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,Bend over(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell,and thank him or her for a job will done.You must be the queen, Your breath probably smell like a outhouse on a shrimp boat.


To really tell you the truth its not just older employees that get the ****end of the stick. I started Publix 4 or 5 years ago when I was only 16.

I was immature and yeah got into trouble several times outside of Publix, but Publix kept me and I was in great thanks of that. Later on I decided to move to another state and what they call retirement is what I guess I did. I took my stock and sold it and ran with the money to make a better life by myself.(wasn't getting along with family) When I relized that I need help I came back. Guess what I wanted to join the Publix team again.

But when they finally hired me, I could sense that things have changed since I left. Long story short, I will not be a kiss *** like all the managers pets! I refuse to bow down and put my tail between my legs and do as you want. Their was one manager that I respected alot, she said one time to me, "I treat other employees the way I want to be treated." You see RESPECT has to be between both manager and employee.

Dont ****ing treat me like im just a kid. I will fight this and I will be heard!


If you rub off on them the wrong way, you'll pay for it. I've seen this to too many people.

The ones who kiss *** get the hours and raises. It has nothing to do with productivity anymore, it's favoritism. They cut your hours to the point where you have to quit, just so they don't have to fire you (unemployment).

This company really has changed for the worse. :(


Wow! The way you others responded don't sound like the spirit of George Jenkins.

BTW I am not an old hag, but I find a problem with how you responded to this woman. I just resigned from Publix and I doubt anything I say here will do you any good. You sound too stubborn to listen, but for you others out there, I will tell you my story. Four and a half years ago I started with Publix in love with the company.

My husband had started six months before me and we liked it and how family oriented it was and how they treated the employee. Respect for the indivual being part of the mission statement. We liked it so much we recuited our son and daughter and my mother. About two a half years ago I went to my third store because we bought a house closer to another Publix so I transferred.

Shortly after that I started to see things change. I saw employees who should have gotten raises because they worked so hard and followed by the Publix way get messed up evals so they didn't get a raise. It was kind of funny how they fell just under the mark for a raise. The same happened to me for two and a half years at this store even though the store before this one gave me regular raises because they saw I did my best and worked hard on giving customers the same excellent service that they topped me off at successful level.

Then the last six months I had gotten a little more lates than we were supposed to(my husband and I were having major problems with our marriage not to mention my teenage son had problems too) and they understood until a new customer service manager came in. All of a sudden the understanding went out the window from the store manager and they suspended me for a week. When I got back they told me they were reducing my hours down to one day a week for a month. There were days I was told they needed help because they were short because of call offs and they refused to call me in so I didn't get more hours.

In other words they shorted the customers and not just me. For over a month I got no check because I had insurance so that took the little money I made for that one day a week. Then after that they scheduled me two to three days a week. I still havent been able to catch up my bills.

They backed me into a corner to whered I had to quit so I can catch up my mortgage before the mortgage company takes my house and me, my children, and my husband who is now waiting for disability is out of a home. I really enjoyed working for Publix along with my husband and two of our kids at one time. At all three Publix I had customers that would only come through my line and I will miss them greatly. During these last two years I have wittnessed employees who worked for Publix alot longer than me be forced out because they rubbed the manager the wrong way.

I saw managers have their pets and other actual good workers be wrote up for minor violations or sent home for them. And yet favorites be given higher positions and full time.

Respect for the indivual is part of the mission statemen for Publix employees and I saw it once, but it isnt there anymore. I will now take my leave gratefully from Publix along with my check and try to save my house.


LOLauren and kevin are typical of todays generation and these are the types of people you have working at Publix now. Corporate has no respect for older workers and this is transmitted down the line. Someday Lauren and Kevin will be old and they wont think it is so funny when they are given the boot.


Yeah, take that to court sweetie. See how that works out. Don't let the door hit your hover-round on the way out, if you can't keep up don't complain when you get sacked.


quit you hag you really think you are going to work to have a good time. you are not top preformer if you are slow so cut the bullship. resign, you are too old to work if you cant keep up.