Cherryville, North Carolina

I currently work for Publix. I use to be a cashier, and was hired as one, 10 months ago.

I made two big errors on the register, which to them could be considered major mistakes. They stripped me of my cashier duties, and made me a bagger! They are also training baggers to learn the register skills. Something here smells wrong here, like a little bias and politics ?

Them doing this to me, and customers who knew me as a cashier, Publix has made me feel humilitated, shaming me in any way they can, and cutting my hours. If they want to fire me, they should just do it. They are very vindictive if they do not like you.

They are cold hearted, and calculated in their vengeful ways. If I could, I would leave, but it is the only income I have, so I have to put up with their nastiness for now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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Why on earth would you expect to keep your job if you keep {{Redacted}}???? I can't believe they didn't fire your {{Redacted}}.

Not only are you a screw up, you don't even take responsibility for it. Boy they must REALLY need the help!


Publix is an awful place to work. It's never going to get better it's getting worse by the quarter.

Just keep looking for another job.

I would never recommend anyone work here. And I'm a manager


I was hired as a Front Service Clerk and I'm now a Customer Service Staff. I can tell you If you were demoted, use the opportunity to learn essential skills as a bagger and one day, I guarantee you will get another shot, only you'll be more prepared.

I'm glad I was hired as a bagger instead of a Cashier because believe it or not, I learned things bagging that would eventually help me as a a Cashier in the future. Don't lose hope and just look at the bright side!


Ditto...and older! I guess you're never supposed to question their wisdom.

If you do your on the 'list.' Bad reviews, very unfair treatment, disrespectful.

I love my job, but management makers it very difficult to have a positive attitude.

I've had a long career and retired and only planned to work a few years at something 'fun'...not so much.


Write to the labor law that will fix them get them before they get you


Oh I see said the blind man!!! When publix cheats all people by miss pricing.(the publix promise is a lie)it's just human error!!!Right wrong they fricken steal to all that work at publix don't steal for your rich boss to get a .25 cent raise its a small reward for going to helll!!!


During training you are told that 10 dollars is your limit. stay within and you're fine.

Lose over 10 and you're in trouble.

No questions asked. You've admitted that you made two big mistakes that could be a suspension for a few months of cash duties and in some stores reason to remove you from cash duties all together.


You are an ***! Two big mistakes are just cause for bringing you down a notch...and by the way, Baggers are where most of Publix's corporate administrators started from, so don't belittle that roll. I am tired of hearing people like you complain about their jobs like the company is obligated to you don't like it, QUIT!!!


If you hadn't screwed up then you wouldn't have been made a bagger. Sounds like you're just taking it out on them because you made a mistake. Very immature.

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