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I was racially profiled at the u-scan register by the you scan worker she treated me like I was a thief she was also very unfriendly my daughter and I had a problem with one of the products that she was ringing up didn't ring up on sale and I asked the worker to remove the item the u-scan worker said you sure you don't want to go to a regular register as if we don't know what we were doing all we asked her to do was remove one item and she treated us like we are stupid she did not want us to use the u-scan from the beginning when we first walked up to the u scan register no one was in line no other people was using the u scan registers she asked us to go to register six instead of using the u-scan register. why would I go to register six when they're people waiting in line at that register? There was nobody in line at U scan register she didn't want to be bothered but as we're ringing up items she watched us as if we were stealing she made us very uncomfortable it was just humiliating the way she treated us I even asked her why did she do it and she said that she treat everybody that way but that was not true when two caucasian people walked up to the registers after I did she did not treat them the same way she didn't watch them at all she racially profiled myself and my daughter I am African-American and the people that came up behind me Caucasian she watched every item I rang up every item she never moved her face from the screen but when the Caucasians walked up she looked around the store she seemed more at ease she just had a problem with my daughter and myself she did not watch the other people at all the way she did me she made me very uncomfortable I don't feel like this store is a friendly store when it comes to black people I will never shop at Publix again I will not spend my money in a store that treat me or anyone of color in this manner.

Publix Pros: Layout of store.

Publix Cons: How to store racially profiled people, U-scan worker had bad attitude, Bad attitude of the workers.

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Someone like that has no business working for Publix! I hope you hive Publix another chance and that you reported her to corporate