Woodstock, Georgia

They try to control their employees by telling them when they are hired that they cannot shop at any other grocery store if caught it will be immediate termination. My husband worked there and witnessed them firing someone for that.

Their products are shipped from the exact same vendors as Kroger, AND Wal.Mart and they claim they have better quality that's why they charge more. It's all a lie. Their bank they offer employees RIP people off. They are phonies people need to wake up and quit shopping there.

They are ripping you off. Your buying the same things that other places offer for cheaper!!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I also work for the company. No manager would ever fire some one for shopping at another store!

We've even sent customers to our competitors if they wanted something we couldn't get. For example, before Publix carried sushi, I would often send people to Target who did carry it. The company does tell you that you can't WORK for competitor at the same time because it is a conflict of interest. Also, in regards to the prices.

Yes, we do use a lot of the same vendors as other chains, and our charges reflect what we pay. Of course Wal-Mart charges less, they are a much larger company, and there for order a lot more from the vendor, getting a better price. Example if Publix orders 100 pallets of pickles a week as a total company.

Then Wal-Mart is ordering 100,000,000 pallets as a total company. Who do you think the vendor is going to give a better deal to?


SERIOUSLY!!! No manager at any Publix store would tell an employee that one of the terms of employment is that he/she cannot shop at any other store, except Publix. I can shop anywhere, but prefer Publix as they are the best!


That is not true,I have seen with my own eyes,the employee came in with a Winn-Dixie bag .The manager seen the bag ,And told the employee to go work for them ( you are fired),And another time a employee was shopping at Winn Dixie, he was fired


I work for the company, this is false. If you do bring something in to the store in a competitor bag they may ask you to put it in a publix bag which is acceptable. Don't make false claims


You are wrong, I work in the store and warehouse in the 90's it did happen,So don't blow smoke out of your a-s if you have not seen it . I would give out there names but I will not do that, thy retired from publix in 2000.


zza123456, Tell me what thy make beside dairy product,


You need to get better informed. Publix makes a lot of there own product.

And I have never been told I can't shop any where else.

But I wouldn't shop any where but publix because they are the best and no can beat publix customer service. They are untouchable.


Your the one that needs to get better informed,trader joes has better customer service, and if publix is the best then maybe you should take your head out of the sand


Your husband needs to be arrested for marrying a six year old child such as yourself. Then again he is a *** and cannot fight his own battles, so perhaps he is six years old as well?


I am not married so ha ha ha


I agree. They are untouchable and they do make a lot of their own Products..

Publix is the best.

I've never ever been to a better grocery store. I'm about to start working at Publix and not once have I ever been told by the manager (who my mom and I talk to just about every time we go in the store, which can be several times a week) that I won't be able to shop anywhere else.


I agree, and it seems like the husband is lying about why he got fired.


Of course they get their products from the same places that other stores do. That has been going on for years.

I used to work in a factory that made the floppy disks used in older computers and every month we had the regular higher priced orders from the real expensive companies, that when we shipped their order out, it was completely finished. Then we had the cheaper orders the quality of the disk was exactly the same, the only difference was the fact that those companies preferred to save money and put the disks in their own jackets and put their own label on the product themselves. Each company is free to put whatever price they want on the products that they sell.

Actually it isn't any of your business or for that matter your husband's business why they fire an employee.


You are rude and obnoxious and if you worked for me, I would fire you based on attitude alone.


^^^^^^ and here's someone who thinks that they are all that. I didn't detect any attituda or anything but the truth


She is not being rude, just honest, if you fired her for that you would be taken to court because you had no grounds to fire them. You are upset because your husband got fired for something you consider silly in your opinion(which could not be the truth) but you are willing to fire someone for something silly. Seriously grow up.