Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Eight hours after purchasing a package of pasta from Publix, I noticed that it was infested with weevils. I returned to the store two days later and took a package of the identical pasta from the shelf and showed the manager that this package as well as their entire display of pasta was covered with insects.

He apologized and thanked me for bringing it to their attention. That was all he did. He did not ask for my name so that Publix could formally write me a letter of apology. He did not even offer to credit me for the purchase.

I then contacted Publix through their website and explained the incident. After receiving no reply, I contacted them again.

Both times, they acknowledge receipt of my comments but after 9 days, I have still not received any response from Publix.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Really you wanted a letter? Would that have made you feel so much better?

Your pathetic.

Have you ever found a bug in your house? Write yourself a letter and just write down ***.


At this time, Publix Supermarkets does not have a store in Pittsburgh.


No, you didn't want a letter of apology, you just wanted free things. Its a grocery store with thousands of items!

It happens!

Orkin is out once a week, it was a fluke.


I think I cut you off in traffic once. Send me your address. I want to write you an apology letter.

Dear Sir,

Grow up.


We had the exact same problem with several bags/packs of pasta . We notified store.

It was disgusting..we had to spray..empty closet. :(


Why on earth would you expect a letter of apology from a store? I have never heard of this being done by any store.