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My wife is a very hard worker and gives it her all. She works in a high volume pub-lix that is very under staffed.

Everyone is complaining but management just ignores it and will push them to the breaking point. They won't allow overtime either. This is the cost us poor people pay, so the bottom line looks good for corporate! We are people just like you are!

With probably more morels and integrity.

One more thing. They believe the customer is always right. some customers take advantage of this and complain to get something for free and will no matter how much it costs the company.

They do it all the time! Its rediculis.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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So what i have been able to gather is that managers pit employees against each other and form "friendships" with employees and then they mess them over. This is all done is an attempt to break us down and make us scsred e,t,c so that publix managers can become "leaders". They don't really care about the associates as long as the managers learn how to be callous and heartless because apparently this is very important.


You're not wrong at all here, I work for Publix at the moment and I've been taken under the wing of a couple managers to be trained to be a manager myself. I've been told that I need to forget my friendships there and focus on being a "leader" because being friends with my fellow associates will just get in the way. Seeing someone else who feels this way as well as knowing how fellow associates have changed when they got into management roles makes me want to stay out of those roles and find another career.


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I know how you feel. Some managers suck and only care about their own advanement while others actually have some common sense.

You can't push people that far. I have seen it and it is ugly! Nasty nasty fights between emloyees, managers or both. There is always that *** who thinks it is a good idea to do this.

I don't understand it. It happens all the time at publix and in retail.


The whole POINT of Publix is that customer service comes first, even if it ends up being inconvenient for us. If we DIDN'T do things like that, then you guys would all *** about how we don't care.


Your wife is not a slave. She's free to leave at any time.