Northport, Alabama
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bad customer service, rude workers and the lady that works at the customer service desk is rude! her name is cheryl and the store manager, joe is also

rude, never shop there ever agian!

always shop at wal-mart or winn-dixie, that is where i would shop there if i was you! u think im pissed?

oh yes publix is the worse grocery store i have ever experienced in my life!they never have any thing stocked when i asked for an item!!! they get pissed and laugh!i have nothing else to talk about because i have to write down a hundred word to fit the comments!

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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northwood crossing or northwood plaza? enterprise?

if so yes they are a bunch of ***. i worked there for a year. mistake! terrible company.

i hope they burn in ***. *** all publix stores everywhere. the front they put on is fake. oh “pinellas county whos in jail” on yahoo or google and search for “david leroy jenkins”....he's one of the founder of publix's sons.

he's in prison for racketeering and all kinds of crazy ***.

haha! *** publix and their fake mobster!


wow...this complaint is so incredibly unrealistic that it's actually comical! of course there is a possibility that an employee was rude...who knows how you approached them first?

and as far as items not being stocked and employees getting "pissed and laughing"? i don't think so...come on, if you're going to post a complaint, lets be more realistic and honest about your experience.