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I worked at publix for only about 5 months. I was hired as a deli clerk, and not too long after I began working there my husband began to have health problems.

I was unable to work a few times due to his condition. When things got better for him and I told my manager that things were better and that I would be able to work more days, the deli manager was a total *** and would only schedule me for 1 day a week, and not even a full shift only 5 hours.

I brought in proof of what was going on and everything. It was a total bs move and to top it all off he was telling other employees that he was going to do this to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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commenting on Poor Store Management and Locust Grove, Ga. Publix is suppose to have policies and procedures to follow, of which the department managers and store managers do no wish to follow.

When will this company wake up and delve deeper into their real problems. Many times these managers should not have ever been promoted.

Poor and no Managerial skills. Just to come up with a company does and should not cover up for poor behavior with people.