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The Treasure Island, FL Publix Super Market had my daughter's friend's car towed last night while three teens were at the sunset drum circle. The car was parked out in the corner of the lot and was there for under two hours.

The kids were left waiting in a thunderstorm with no phone, because their cell phones were in the car. It cost the owner $155.00 to get it out of impound in the pouring rain on a school night.

As a Mom with five children I have spent around 80-100 thousand dollars at least at Publix in the past 25 years. I will NEVER shop there again and I will tell everyone I know the story.

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There are towing signs your kids a ***

Jamal Da Man

Maybe you should be more concerned about your teenage daughter getting Blazed at the drum circle. and really what teenager doesnt have their cell phone with them 24/7. You may wanna work on your parenting because your kids an ***


The comments made by these people are typical of the horribly mean spirit paradigm that has become the character of today's Americans. This has become a nation of mean, selfish, rude, and aggressive, people whose only concerns are their own interests.The kids should have asked permission to park, but the store could have acted acted more kindly, after all, these people are present or future consumers/clients of a public concern.

What happened to this country?! We see no harm in invading other countries, being bullies, crushing the helpless, and then crying when victims retaliate in kind!

Quite a few poor selfless souls from distant lands, from distant cultures all recommended that we should treat others as we would like to be treated. Decency does not have to be relegated to religion, race, or creed.


Tell the idiots not to park in the wrong part of the lot. Their fault, idiots. xD


i work at T.I., if they r old enought to drive, they should be able to read. i know there is signs telling u what will happen. just like the carts, they tell u if u go past the yellow line , it will lock up


Agreed. Your daughters friend got what she deserved.

If she is behind the wheel driving a car, she needs to take responsibility for her own actions. Storm or not, it was her fault.


Look if these kids are old enough to drive they are old enough to READ NO PARKING SIGNS!! Get over yourself and take your 80 dollars that you will save from not shopping at Publix and get some help!!

I have shopped at this Publix and it is nuts with VERY LIMITED space for anything. Maybe this will be a good lession for those kids!


No offense, but that's their fault for parking there. There are designated places to park if you are going to the beach, and the TI Publix is NOT one of them.

Every single place around that strip will tow, it's not Publix's fault and there is a sign! Don't bash a place because of your daughter's friend's stupidity.