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I complained about the lack of professional management, rude employees, laziness of its employees and poor quantity of grocery items. Publix was one of my favorite stores to shop for my groceries driving an additional half mile to bypass Windixi to do my shopping. Over the past year I have watched my Publix and a few others fall apart with disorganization, confused management, poor selection and limited supply of popular grocery items along with employees being rude.

I went into the store tonight at 8:00pm only to find again very limited quantities of 2 littler Spirit Zero. I was trying to use a rain check that was provided to me two weeks ago because the store was completely sold out of Sprite Zero. (The sale of buy one get one was going on.) The manager on duty would NOT honor my buy one get one rain check stating it was buy 2 get one which was not the case. I explained on Jan 3rd the store was offering a buy one get one and if they just had the supply I wouldn't have to be arguing what the sale was. After 25 minutes waiting for the manager to figure out what to do he came back and said he wouldn't honor the rain check. (This is all over $4.00 of savings) I am DONE with Publix.

Although I am not fond of Windixe they have come through for me three times this month when Publix fell short. I will give Windixe another try to earn my business. Its going to feel strange not shopping at Publix since I have been shopping at Publix for the past 25 plus years.

I will leave you with a quote the CEO of Walmart said. "Dissatisfying any customer where they won't shop at our stores for the rest of their life cost Walmart between two hundred and fifty thousand and a half a million dollars in revenue. It's important to satisfy every customer!"


Publix lost me over $4.00 of savings from a rain check that shouldn't have been issued since you should have had the product in stock!

Former Publix Customer

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