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It is not up to the consumer to pick through the food to find good food but the responsibility of the store itself. We shop normally at the one on A1A in Ormond by the Sea which seems to be a pretty nice store but an awful meat department and sea food department.

We live directly across from it and have always loved shopping there. Now that things are a little hard for everyone, we have found the quality of there products to of gone down hill and actually sort of have gone from bad to worse. It may not really be called stealing for those of you whom are ignorant to buy stuff and just throw it away. I consider it a responsibility to the consumer to make things right.

They told me last time it happens that I could just come by and they would make it up to me and even spoke with the representative in altamonte springs or somewhere around there but he turned out to be a spokesman for PUBLIX and his words became as worthless and the ammonia tasting crab legs. If they would only get the right people in there and make it right. That would be nice. Instead they know how to pass the buck and make a buck.

Good luck to all as we now shop at SAMS and COSTCO.

Much better.....

Monetary Loss: $60.

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sewer smell and taste in publix spring water16.9 fluid ounce bottles :cry


Publix makes it very clear if ur upset to make it right. If u had *** crab legs bring it back to them and get your money back..

Don't slam on them.. They just receive the seafood and relay it to the customers. No seafood guy tastes everything you buy... That's just common sense..

So before you blame the employees realize that if you didn't like it then take it back for your money back..... Simple as that


I have bought publix spring water for many years. I won't buy it anymore.

Since you took away the cardboard box, the plastic rips and bottles fall out getting them to and from the car.

Not only that but if they are left in the car over an hr, the bottles bend and will not stand up straight anymore. Don't know why you did this, but cardboard is recyclable!


the most flirty desrespectful personal in any chain of super markets. flirting in front of me my kids and other customers.

real nice!

I only go to these supermarkets on emergengcies the young girls at the register cant stop staring smiling making small talk with my husband he does not like going there neither any of us. let 's not mention the prices two times more than anyother place.


Publix will never compete with the grocery stores in the north. I believe the comment about getting ammonia smelling crab legs.

I live in FL and will never shop at Publix again.

They are way too expensive - the reason for their Buy One Get One Free sales. You have my pity if there is no other grocery store in the area where you live.

alice in wonderland

neal Do you work for Publix?


Your post was very hard to read. Didn't seem to be much more than rambling.

If you ever get something bad at Publix, they will cheerfully refund it. There's not way you ever got ammonia smelling crab legs.