Camden, New Jersey

On 12/15/2011 I called your 800 no. to order a gift card for $50.00 to be sent for Christmas to my sister-in-law & husband Mr.

& Mrs. John Wilkins in Port St. Lucie, Fla. I was asked if I had ever ordered one before and I felt that the person looked it up, because he said "I have it".

I assumed he knew the party's name because he then asked to where it was going and I clearly told him to Savana Club, 8208 13 Hole Dr., Port St. Lucie, Fla. 34952-3169. When he asked who it was going to be from, I told him Dolores & Gus Muller.

When my sister-in-law called to say that they think they received a gift card from us, she was surprised to see how it came to her. In a large brown envelope (3rd class mail) with no recipient name, just Savana Club 8208 13th Hole Dr., Port St. Lucy, Fl 34952-3169. Their mailman knocked on their door and questioned if the brown envelope that had no name on it might be for them.

They were doubtful but took the envelope and checked inside. The only thing in the envelope was a gift card that said "from Gus", no other name. It was supposed to say "Merry Christmas with love from Dolores & Gus" It did not. When I ordered it over the phone, the man (whose name was Mike Lamont) said he would send me a confirmation by email.

When he did, I saw where he did not spell my name correctly and left off the word "with". However, when my sister-in-law received it, it did not even have anything on it, except "from Gus". No Merry Christmas or my name. The way this card was sent was very negligible because it might have landed into the hands of anyone other than them.

It was only because their mailman knows them so well that he questioned it. They misspelled St. Lucie, my name, and of course the people's name to whom it was going Mr. & Mrs John Wilkins was omitted.

Last year, when I called for the same gift card to be sent to the same party, it was delivered in a lovely manner with the sentiment that I requested. This year, it was negligent in how it was worded, with no party name listed, the misspelling of the town of St. Lucie (St. Lucy) and my name.

Needless to say, when I received a call from my sister-in-law telling me how it somehow arrived at her house without their name on it and reading " from Gus ", I was a bit angry at how carelessly it was handled. I think, from now on, I won't consider getting anything from Publix.

Sincerely, Mr.

& Mrs. Gus Muller

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I agree that Mike did a very poor job with the gift card, but you get first place in the Not So Bright Department. Nothing you can do about this posting, but next time you post something to the internet make sure that you don't post any personal information that millions will be looking at.

I'm sure that Mr.

& Mrs. John Wilkins are thrilled to death that you posted their address online.


I agree. I'm sure your family members don't want their personal info posted online. Just a little security tip.


You should not put all these personal names on the internet for all to see. Keep it general.