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publix gets a kick back from the government for hiring u will report prospective applicants to unemployement and expect u to work like a dog stand like a horse and thier food is very expensive on training they feed u candy at 8;00 in the am qwhy must i continue to complain about this *** company in order to post theis comment u know u suck yet u expect me to continue to complain about your compamy can i post now no not yet this is absured you dont want people to hear negative feedback about your rotten company and dunb mangers

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Maybe you got fired because you are unable to form a proper thought or incapable of understanding proper grammar....

Jamal Da Man

With the amount of education you have shown I'm assuming your really angry because you found out Publix is getting a kickback for your ignorant ***!


okay call it what u want to government kickbacks or tax incentives it is what it is so if u r so happy keep on ringing and bagging just know that u can b working next to convicts drug addicts and god knows who ever else they r getting these incentives for


I can't believe that Publix hired someone who cannot spell much less form a sentence, but I suppose stranger things have happened. The only true thing here is that that there is no government kickback.

It is very very difficult to get fired from Publix unless you break the golden rule, "thou shalt not steal". This is an immediate firing offense.


thres nothing wrong about the publix...

when the problem started it becouse of misunderstood between workers and the costumers

train well the trainee with moral values

good works done well.... if you follow those simple ways everybody happy.if the costumer ask something u have to smile even you dont know the is one of the beautiful things god create of human personallity.


i think theres nothing wrong about the store the food medicine etc.the problem is why costumer complaining over and over about the store and the workers.the problem is lack of good manners and right cunduct.costumers is always right...if you dealing to the costumer always appreciate them and smile eventhough she or he buy a small amount she or he is still a costumer


I find it hard to believe that you were hired by Publix. You can't spell nor form a sentence that makes any sense.

I doubt very seriously that you were fired because of some government kickback.

Perhaps it was because you failed to do the job for which you were hired. This is not called a government kickback, it called incompetence.



After reading your post I am shaking my head. You feel the need to correct another person's grammatical skills here; however you should take your own advice.

You posted here almost four years ago, so I assume you will never read this. I just found it funny that you are in dire need of an English class, yet you criticize someone for bad grammar.


This is the dumbest thing I've ever read, you can't even spell "you", how are we supposed to believe you were fired for a government kick back, as opposed to, lets say, incompetence. Nice try


I work for Publix in the corporate office in Lakeland, Florida. There is no "kickback" from the government for hiring someone and even if there was I assure you it isn't anywhere near the cost it takes for us to train even an entry-level position such as a front service clerk (bagger) which is close to around $1000. The only reason an employee will get immediate termination of employment is for knowingly going against Publix's Code of Ethics.


Publix does not fire people intentionally before the 90 day period, that is a waste of training, time, and money. Honestly it takes a lot to get fired at all... :] Some reasons for firing an employee may include frequent lateness or absence from your shifts, theft of Publix property, or violation of the drug policies (Publix requires all employees to remain drug-free)

Have a good day. ^.^