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Had purchased some baby formula from this location and after baby got sick we found out that the formula was expired .i called the store manger while on my lunch break advising him of this information he advised me that he still thought the formula was fine and that the smell it had was not from it being expired . ( in which is not true per gerber ) however I advised him that after I got off work I would be there to exchange the formula for some in date formula. Later that night ( 7 hours after I spoke with him ) I went to exchange the formula and once in the baby isle found that the very same kind of formula and several more were expired and still on the shelf. I looked at the other baby items such as he gerber snacks and some of the baby food and found over 25 items expired over 5-6 months and some a year or better . I then notified the manger on duty showing him these expired items and he was truly speechless . He is the customer service manger with a infant of his own he told me .so he started taking the items off the shelf . 7 hours of the store being open and notified of the expired formula and the store manger never check for other expired items ( the baby isle is very small at this location it took me ten minutes to find the items I had found ) however once the direct manger called me he advised me that store manger was a good guy that just made a mistake and that he had spoke to him about the information given to me in regards to the expired formula which is not the main reason for my concern . The once I notified the cooperate office in FL they said the store manger said he did go back to check the other baby formula but checked the wrong kind ( wow!!! ) after days of talking to publix about this formula that was the first I had heard that story!! Like I said small isle took me ten minutes to find over 25 items expired , once in the baby isle he expired formula was in the very front so no telling how many people bought expired formula / snacks /baby food ... Publix wanted to express there concern and pay me 100 hahahahah !!! They were very rude and told every story in the book . My baby is still passing this expired formula so with lots of TLC we have hope it will pass soon . Please say a little prayer if you like for my 9 month old who has had a rough time with this for as j also got home the snacks I had that she had also been eating had also been expired ... Moms check those dates formula has a use by date on there for a reason . call gerber or the FDA as well as state . They will answer any questions you may have.

Since then everywhere i buy anything for my sweet baby I look at the expiration date and just yesterday (01/26/16) found about 15-20 jars of baby food expired from Krogar in Macon and once I took it to the store manger he said that they had just been audited in the baby isle the day before 01/25/16 by the state of GA so he was speechless that this was still on the shelf . When in face there were in the front but on the bottom row.... And just today while on my lunch break ( I work at the hospital ) I ran down to dollar general on gray hwy just to grab some formula and yet again about 7 cans expired and about 30 boxes of gerber snacks and several gerber jar foods I did bring it to the mangers att. Although he did not seem interested or even as if he cared so I educated him on how harmful it could be to babies and that formula was regulated by the federal government and he just said thank you for your time and never went back to get the other items off the shelf . I am just blown away about all this due to my baby girl had very bad breath for 3 days and was up all day and night for 2 days screaming I truly thought of teeth , sickness anything medical but never the formula until all the bottles ,bibs , spoons cups ect,,,,,were also smelling like her breath the formula wS the last thing I checked due to she goes through over a tub a week and truly thought they could not keep it on the shelf due to the amount of formula babies eat .

Ps.. Don't try to contact the corporate office they will just redirect and belittle you as Laura Aldridge as done me by saying this was all my fault !!! you just get a lawyer !!!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Casselberry, Florida, United States #1351873

First off, your baby was not sick from expired formula. The expiration date is on there because the manufacturer is guessing this is when the nutritional value will begin to decline.

Canned foods can last for decades without spoiling.

Secondly, you should always check the date before you buy. Lastly, you ought to breast-feed your baby instead of being a self centered lazy typical American.


Because all they do sit on there *** do nothing they blame you because you didn't take the time to look on expiration date. Manager are lazy .Go to other store people let them know you mean business.then management and store manager will be trained wright


Sir I will pray for you child.I will also tell you they steal!!!

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