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i work in a store in Miami and i do all the work a cashier should do(register, leveling, go backs etc.)right next to me is this *** that does nothing and i mean nothing but basically gets all the credit for my work because he kisses the boss's *** i complain and all i get is "oh the boss likes him" to the point i end up yelling at people who give him credit for anything when i work and i get in trouble for blowing my lid...i feel like i should just ignore him but he is really slowing down my ability to get promoted...if he gets promoted before me because he is a better *** kisser than i am a good worker...sigh

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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Aw, Down Syndrome? Now I'm really h-a-c-k-e-d at the OP.

My cousin has Cerebral Palsy, a birth defect. She can't help it that she has trouble moving. Yet SHE has had her job longer than other able-bodied folks BECAUSE of her smile and her pleasant attitude. Honestly, I'd rather touch up the work of a Down's person who has a GOOD attitude and sunny disposition, than deal with this kind of attitude from an able-bodied worker.

Why does your boss expecrt more from you, OP? Because you are CAPABLE of more!

"To each, according to his abilities" certainly applies-- and come review time, guess whose job stays and guess whose goes? Yup-- have fun in the unemployment line Mynuget.


Just shut up and do your job, whining fark. Be glad that BOTH of you have a job, and that you work at a place that employs the disabled.

Show some farking compassion. You must be a negro with that kind of entitlement attitude.


Really!! Dude you do need to grow up!

Welcome to the real world!!

You are still a bager for a reason! Learn what that reason is and fix it!


:) While I'm sure that you do great work, that disabled young man may have had a head injury, and the work may be a part of getting him back into the run of things.

Why don't you (BEFORE you get written up!) collect ALL of the store numbers nearest you and request a transfer to any store for travel reasons - blanket the area. The request is good for 3-6 months.

I had similar problems with a fellow staffer and went to chat with a specialized psychologist called an Industrial Psychologist who helped me polish my skills for promotion - that's what they do- they help clients erase barriers to promotion. And, if you have benefits, they will pay for the sessions - anger management courses are mandatory during manager training, so get ahead of the game and chat with your manager about your intent to score a promotion - chances are that you really don't have to fear any repercussions on your work. Explain to the manager that you feel short-changed and slighted when the co-worker is given credit in public for "your" work, and explain that this is a serious loss of face for you and that you want to do the right thing and be recognized for the work you DO. To be afraid for the "poaching" of the credit for work is a hard stone to swallow... and hide.

But as a supervisor, (I played that role) I actually touched up others' work and trained them, and let the trainees take the credit. It boosts morale all the way around - I know you are a very serious person, but this job is probably all that this guy has, and others are trying to keep him happy, like you would do with a 5-8 year old child.

Some of the problem lies with management not seeing that your work IS what you are, and for not asking about WHY you feel so upset.


You can't come up with something so f*u*c*k*i*n*g ridiculous that the idiots around here won't believe it.




This person is not a slow preformer because he is lazy. This person is a slow performer because they have a disability and the person writing this letter is nothing but a "school yard bully" who likes to pick on disabled people.


I know exactly what you mean. I'm a bagger,and I work my *** off.

And I find it curious that several of the other baggers that have been there no longer than I have and do nothing but goof off get more hours than I do, and get paid more than I do. :(


In my opinion it is not that employee who is acting like a six year old but it is you who is. You act like you are still in grade school.

Like you are the grade school bully. That person who you are working with is a better person than you are by far. The person who should not be working is you. What does it matter that his mommy got him the job and that he needs a support worker?

Also since when is smiling at a customer being an *** kisser.

Since when is smiling *** kissing. Serioulsy it is you who needs to grow up and stop picking on a 17 year old.


He is a *** and he simply should not be employed. He kisses the bosses *** by smiling.

He kisses the customer's *** as well by smiling and telling them to have a good day. I like to take that smile off his face though by calling him a ***. That quickly takes the smile off his *** kissing face. He looks like a six year old when I call him a ***.

He looks like he is about to cry. He is 17 but has the emotions of a six year old. People like the person who replied to my letter encourage his *** kissing. All the customers make compliments for him because they feel sorry for him.

The only reason people stick up for him is because they feel sorry for him. He needed mommy to get this job for him. He reads at a third grade level. Why did they hire him in the first place.

Obviously to look good and because they feel bad for him. His mommy got him the job. If he were to try to get the job himself he would have been rejected because he functions like an eight year old.

He has a worker who checks up on him. This *** should not be working at all.


The person who works next to Mynuget has down syndrome. She only gets credit for his work.

However the person who wrote this letter finds every excuse in the book to harass him. She tells him that Publix only hired him because they feel sorry for him and because they want to look good as a company by hiring people with disabilities. Whenever someone stands up for him and tells her that her behavior is unacceptable she starts yelling at them and tells them to mind their own business. She goes out of her way to make this person feel unwelcome.

Rumor had it thta she was giving a verbal warning for her abuse of this employee and she is writing this out of anger because other's have encouraged him to report her abusive bahavior. The reason she is not getting promoted from what I believe is not because of her preformance but because of her attitude.


It can be tough sometimes that is for sure, but this is an obsticle that will make you a better person - and you will learn from this experience. You keep a level head, and show "positive" attitude during work and you will get noticed for doing more than "Punching buttons" - the position you are in requires personality - show them what you got!!!!