I'm a mom of 4 and I been shopping in publix for years until a farmer market called boca farmer market open up and I start shopping there

The price of produce is half of u pay in publix

If u live around boca area y should go there it's on the corner of 2nd ave and 20th street in boca

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I appreciate your post. ANY fresh market is cheaper than PUBLIX.

In fact, ANY grocery store is cheaper than PUBLIX.

I have a BJ's, Sam's Club, Walmart, Aldi, and Save A Lot, all within 10 minutes

of my house. I have 2 fresh markets within 20 minutes. I have a 4 PUBLIX locations within 15 minutes drive.

I'll hit the fresh markets first, then it really doesn't matter what store I go to next, but PUBLIX is always last.

No where on earth should a consumer have to pay 2.50-4.00 bucks for a loaf of French or Italian bread. RIDICULOUS.

I don't care if I have some Walmart guy, butt crack and all, in front of me in the line or not. That is 3x times what you'll pay any place else. Can you say, "Price gouging?" Who gouges the price of food?

Who the *** raises the price of the food we eat, when it's not food well grown, well prepared or properly processed/butchered?

-It's bs. They don't care what we eat, or what we feed our children.


It's true, publix produce is expensive. I normally purchase my household produce from a local produce store at a third of the price that publix sells it.

I do understand why publix has their prices set so high though, as the produce department has the biggest losses, simply because they carry so much and produce spoil quickly. Publix is my fall back for fresh produce, and I can't fault them on the price.