Atlanta, Georgia

Publix does not care about associate they do not appreciate the job you do they also dont give proper pay raises for doing a *** good job the managers are also some of the worst people I have ever worked with the do not treat people with respect how can you get to where you need to be if all you get is quarter raise aka 25 cents its Its first class BS NOTHING BUT how can you work hard for a company that doesnt reward hard working service

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Do you realize that you are in a minimum wage job,You are not finding a cure for cancer. Publix pays way above minimum wage, If pay is that important to you can I suggest you go to school

And train for a skill that pays more.Publix is an amazing company with great benefits and I for one appreciate how"good" we have it.And by the way no one puts a gun to your head and makes you come to work.You can leave.


If you look at the average grocery store worker, you will notice that the salary is not as high as other feilds of industry. I have relatives that work for publix, who've put several years in, the pay increases come with time and title.

The company is growing which means that their is both stability and availability for advancement. This is uncommon in a company that prides themselves on primarily US based business (not outsourcing). They have stock, insurance, and banking benefits that the average joe does not normally get.

I'm currently laid off from an industry that pays heavily for their employee's wages, but if I had started publix when i was kid and stuck with it, my wages would have been consistent and stable enough to live. Count yourself lucky, that you are with a good company.