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I have worked for the company for a few years. At first I loved it, but my costumer service manager at the time was a sexual harasser, he would ask way too personal questions or touch you, when he did that to me I drew the line backed up and sternly said "Sorry, I do not play like that." and he got the message and left me alone,and I would avoid him. He changed my hours from 30+ to 13 and less since that day. I thought it was in my head, until he got transferred because of this reason, and eventually had a lawsuit against him, and got fired since other female employers spoke out and called corporate.

Generally publix has been good to me, because I work hard and I've enver had any problems. Recently Publix has started to treat it's employers so badly it scares me.

Today, I had enough of it. There is a really hard working woman on my store, she has worked on my store for 4 years, and always had stellar reviews, her English skills are not perfect but she is taking classes and has no problem understanding it or responding. Costumers adore her, and you always see her working. At closing time we were all working together on the same aisle , some were just talking and fooling around, and she was leveling the aisle, focused on her task. The ***. Store Manager called her in front of all of us and told her to leave, even if she was scheduled to leave much later. (With all of us) He refused to let her keep working, she stated that she had not completed her hours and asked why was she the only one getting sent home early when there were others just fooling around. The ***. Manager answered that "There is no more work for you today, you are done, so just go. You are Hispanic you must get welfare and food stamps anyway, you don't need money" He said this to her in front of all of us closing and in front of a camera, (she doesn't get any government benefits btw ). When we went to speak to our Store Manager he told us that our ***. Store Manager "just has something against her, so there was nothing he could do" She has worked on that store for more than 4 years, always has a pleasant attitude and always comes to work when called in to replace someone. It really seemed unfair, that such things just go unpunished.

Our. Costumer Service Assistant manager, was changing the schedules today and messed up making someone work on a day she was not available, so she just called another employee who had some days unavailable because of college classes and she told him he HAD TO replace that employee and work her hours because "the store manager wants you to do this, if you do not it just means you do not need the hours so we will just give you less hours next week". After hanging up she laughed with another associate at the employee and how he had believed that lie and accepted and was scared for his job.

Last week, one of our baggers who recently stopped being a minor endedp up in the hospital due to food poisoning. His sister called in and told our manager that he was inside the Doctor's and that he was very weak and throwing up all day so he could not come in. Our manager responded that she did not believe it , that he had to come and bring her a medical excuse today or she would suspend him for a week and cut his hours. To our surprised, he came in wearing his hospital robe, the tag in his arm from the hospital, the papers of him being admitted and an excuse from his doctor. His mother also went with him and our manager was speechless. She cut his hours anyway the next week and gave him 10hrs, even if he was available to work any day/time.

Reading through this threads I found the numbers for corporate... I could go on and on...

We have gathered enough proof and we already got a lawyer into the case. The amount on proof unfair practices is HUGE.

Please do not let your store or situation turn into the one at my store... people get harassed even inside the store by managers, threating them to stay quiet or be prepared to lose hours and health benefits...

We got a store visit from upper Publix managers, they gave us all this number (863) 688-1188 to call and explain the abuses at our store.

Please speak up, this does not happen in all stores, but it happens in some and very often! If it does not happen to you I'm glad, but if it does PLEASE call corporate, we lack an Union so we have to help each other, the number is anonymous and you can call on English/Spanish and Creole.

Main Publix Switchboard - (863) 688-1188

Publix Stockholder Services - (863) 688-1188 x-52323

There are great employees on Publix, but some forgot the Publix credo.

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QUESTION - I have a co-worker who recently moved 30 minutes away from his current store. He talked to a store closer about transferring and they said they'd love to have him.

Just found out his current store manager told them they can't have him. How can he be blocked from transferring and what's his recourse?


Not only black life matter, All life matter


I am afraid to call due to retaliation , happened already to me to call H.R will only make things worse


I wasn't sexually harrassed I was just harrassed by my asst mgr, I have ptsd from physical abuse from my ex, and the asst mgr kept scaring me, I repeatedly asked her to stop, so did my coworkers. I talked to my mgr, nothing happened.

I became so freaked out that I would jump when someone came in my front door at home or someone would drop something. The asst mgr has called me fat, another associate ugly, she's so mean and rude. A new associate who is very sweet was jumped all over so bad she had to go outside and collect herself.

I told my STORE MANAGER how rude she is and that she wasted two quarter sheet cakes, well he told her I told him. This same asst mgr did my per, it was so bad...I've never had a bad per......I have not been back but I'm still calling corporate so they can see what they have.


All dept. Needs one tower of locker in each dept so that women have a place to put their purses and feminine products ,we in the deli or bakery don't have the time to run to the break room for their medication if you a diabetic or for a pain pills or your car key something needs to be done about that situation


Issue not resolved it says before this post. Ha.

No kidding.

No issue is ever resolved let alone addressed. Total BS


You are right on the money. They let the slackers slack, make excuses for them, give them the hours you request and never give you kudos or a break. Absolute ***.


Folks, the mother ship in Lakeland don't care! All the grandkids of the founder care about is that stock check!

OSAIS 3 + is a sham and a shame to the ground troops in the workplace! Let the company go public, and the hourly employees go union!


Wow,sounds like my store. The management where I work is a joke and the abuse of employees is unreal.

I went to work there two years ago planning on a career but have since realized that is a joke unless you are related to someone in publix or are politically connected with the chain. I am a young male and need the job so I just put up with the ***,including sexual harassment from male and female,two occasions.

We even have employees working for their parents at the store,need I say more. Employees are constantly harassed if they are not with the cliché,to the point where they are intentionally screwed over with their schedules causing problems with home,2nd jobs or school.I do not recommend job seeking with publix,especially young teens.


As a spouse of a Publix employee I would like to know how it is you get rated "best place to work". What a joke.

I'd like to know who it is they use for the survey?? I'll tell you who they survey UPPER MANAGEMENT that's who. The people who make the money off of the backs of everyone underneath them. They want you to perform undo-able tasks in as little time as you can without going overtime with the least amount of help as possible.

Then there's the overtime BS. You actually get paid less the more overtime you work. WTH?????? My spouse is an assistant manager of a department,which for obvious reasons will remain unmentioned.

Spouse more than qualified for management position when spouse was first hired but noooo spouse had to learn the "Publix"" way which is double talk for we can pay you $225.00 take home for a while until you are ready to be promoted. Gets promoted to assistant manager and years later still no promotion to Management. They send spouse to a store and tell spouse "this is it this is the last store before you get promoted" years later still no promotion. Now supposedly they send spouse to these stores so spouse can work under managers that are to get spouse ready for promotion but in all these years not one stinking manager has been able to get spouse to the management position REALLY???

Interesting that your managers are incapable of doing this after so many years.Also said spouse has been sent to different stores and told that spouse is being sent there because the manager needs help because they are a little weak in their department,so said spouse gets sent to stores where the bonuses are less so said spouse gets less. Let's discuss the bonuses. Said spouse has gone into stores and totally changed the departments for the better. Associates have told said spouse on a number of occasions

that the department runs so much better since said spouse has been there.

But who you ask gets the big bonus???I'll tell you the manager of the department that can't do there job. What does said spouse get a 1/4 of what the manager gets.Said spouse has been told that a promotion will probably never come because of spouse age and gender.Store managers have told said spouse that they were really going to put a good word in for the next time a promotion was coming up,but the manager has been known to say that she will not put a good word in if she doesn't like you. So in reality the store manager can make or break you depending on whether they like you or not. Oh and by the way you are not allowed to sit in on these meeting either.

So you have no defense what so ever.As the spouse of this employee I am ready to seek out a Lawyer. District managers have been overheard saying they have to "Meet a quota as to who they promote". Shame on you Publixs for your shady treatment of you Employees and their families.

Signed FED UP!!

@Had It

how about no cost of living raises or uniform allowance

@Had It

All I can say is that you hit the nail on the head. And make one mistake, they'll cut you off at the knees.

I was working part time, 30-35 hours per week for the past several months, and was cut to 16 with absolutely no explanation whatsoever. I would go to management or to HR, but have been advised to "keep your mouth shut" or the consequences could be worse.

They give you the false impression that they care, when in reality they couldn't give less a *** if they tried. Time for unionization as far as I am concerned!


People at store 514 or horrible. Everyone at the customer service desk acts like they are the cream of the crop when in reality that area alone is the reason for a majority of our complaints.

A lot of the middle aged people who work there act like there five and will constantly talk trash about customers and fellow employees. The district manager came in all the time and never said a word to cashiers or baggers.

Plain and simple Mr. Jenkins would be disappointed in this company today.


Yes, working at Publix is miserable.

But, Publix itself is wonderful.

Think about it. What other grocery store is employee owned, hands out inventory bonuses/raises, and promotes from within? As a part timer working 30 hours per week, I quickly lose my patience for the customers who take advantage of our customer service standards. At the same time, I work in the deli and hate the food industry. The job title sucks, yes. But, the benefits make up for it...

With that said, I love the people I work with, the dividend checks, the inventory bonuses, free stocks, paid holidays, flexible scheduling, etc...


As a PART TIMER you get paid holiday and inventory bonuses??!!?? I never got a paid holiday, or anything even relatively close, because they said I was part time and "part timers don't get the same benefits as full time employees".

As far as inventory bonuses I'm not sure what that is?

But maybe as a cashier they just weren't available to me...? Idk.


In response to the person who says they will fire you if you shop at another store. I believe every word of it as I occasionally catch *** from the management team about my Kroger brand bottled water.

I pay less for the convenience of not having to keep up with receipts.

I actually had one of those uneducated *** tell me that I would have to hide that when Ed Crenshaw paid his visit to our store and I told him real quick that our CEO is gon' learn today what a free market enterprise looks like because the kind of socialist *** he was spewing is nothing short of the communist crown to try and force people to shop in one place. I mean it's basic American economic principles but it only goes to show that a 1980's high school diploma is all you need to be one of the elite members of the Publix management team.


Yea these b-holes are trying to promote me to a position that gives me the same 34 hours that I already work, but it requires me to come in 5 days a week instead of 4. This promotion comes with no full time status or even a pay raise.

I'm going to call a meeting on this when they aproach me about it because i'm tired of getting passed up everytime there is a full time position that becomes available just so they can promote some kid that claims he used to be a manager at another store. I came in with retail and management experience from another industry and I get *** pay. They've already ran two people off to other stores because they put them through this same track just so they can promote their lil *** boy. I HOPE they try and threaten me with my job or hours because i'm just a phone call away from another job.

These people like to complain about slack ***, but they dont have a problem running off all of their hard workers.

I've seen some lazy *** bastards too, it really takes a lot to actually get fired. You have to be a *** or something.


I was an asst. produce mgr for Publix.

Yes every company has its little quirks. Publix is a great company to work for. You will always have your complainers, most of the time it's the people that do not work, or always complaining about something. I had the honor to work in six different stores, of my choice.

The management in each store would never put up with any kind of harassment from any mgr or salaried employee.

I feel sorry for the hard workers that have to listen to those people.

Publix always tell there employees the sky is the limit, to move up the ladder. Sorry I have to go now, I have so much more to say about how great Publix is to work for.




Pleasure to work here and shop here. What a bunch of BS propaganda.

Publix sucks, treats it employees like *** and has an employee evaluation system that is, to say at the very least, a joke.

If Wegmans or any other chain from the northeast ever opens a super center in a publix area it would close every one of them in a ten mile radius. Over hyped and over priced!