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Upon interviewing a publix, I was told I would recieve proper training and even go to decorating classes. You see, I'm a pastry chef with limited decorating skills but my store manager said, no worries, we will teach you all of that.

Within my first week, they expected me to be able to decorate anything they assigned to me, and since they were still short staffed with no intention on employing any more decorators, it was way too much for one person. Mind you, no one at this point had even mentioned training again or even attempted to show me the right way to do things. They just gave me a list of cakes to do and complained about me going too slow. I complained multiple times about the disrespect shown by my assistant manager and nothing was ever done about it.

I quit after a month because we had gone two weeks without a department manager and they still hadn't properly trained me or anything. The only thing I have taken with me from working for this horrible company is that publix over pays their managers, and don't care about proper training. My assistant manager was constantly rude and disrespectful to me.

In the end, after speaking with the store manager and someone in HR, I think that I was treated poorly because I am a *** white male and she was a black female.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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If you only worked there a month, you obviously won't be putting that job on your resume, so hopefully you walked out without notice and left them in bind. They deserve it.


Yea that sounds about right. They make a lot of promises they never intend to keep. Dont train you and then get mad at you when u take longer or dont know how to do something.