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Update by user Feb 10, 2014

I wrote a letter last week about this issue, and they sent me a super nonsense response letter in the mail, the answer I got is 10 times worse than their mistake itself...I scanned the document and I will upload in a minute under a new window...

basically they say "the item was on sale between 1/16 to 1/22 and I bought it on 1/25 and that is why I paid the regular price. if this is the case, why the heck you have not changed the price tag in the past 3 days? that means the incorrect price tag is there for 3 days, and people kept paying the overprice...amazing how lousy this company is when it comes to pricing their items...

this is my last entry about publix, I did so many and It never ends...

Original review posted by user Jan 25, 2014

After you guys read this, almost all of you guys will be like "oh nooo, that is not true, he is lying" and I am OK with that. Say whatever you wish! But before you make any comment answer the following 2 questions:

a)how many of you guys go over each item on your receipt once you leave publix? be honest ! you pay and leave the store, and probably you do not care even if they charge you another quarter or dime...

b)how come I experience the following issue A LOT ?

Well, the issue is this:

publix marks some items down, for example : 2 for $5 and you are thinking that you pay $2.5 for each or 2 for $5

That is not the case though. Just like today (look at the receipt and date on the pictures below), I finished shopping, paid for it, and when I was about to leave, I checked the receipt. There it was! I bought cheese, and instead of $2.5 , they charged $2.99


Anyway, customer service IS REQUIRED to give you a full refund, and you keep the item for free.

My theory is this: publix is aware that not many people check the receipts! I am sure they purposely not changing the tags on some items, and they make an extra profit on each item. I am not saying that every item on sale is set up like that, but publix does not correct the computers and you are still being charged the original price.

If you read my other complaints on this website, and look at the pictures you might believe. This is not the first, or second, or 5th time that this happened to me.

I will be posting more proof about this. But of course everybody has their own opinion. Feel free not to believe, but PLEASE check your receipts all the time

Good night all

-publix-receipt checker-freak

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Yes mis-labeling is happening at Publix in Northgate Shopping Center DeLand, FL.

And I am beginning to take note and pictures.

This week, 3/17/17 cantaloupe labeled and priced as pineapple.

Publix brand bacon labeled as thick slice when it is very thin. Making these items an over charge. I have bought peach pie labeled as apple pie. Come on mislabeling could one day cause serious consequence.

I am concerned!!! Is there a problem with management.


OMG. Those 2 for $X.00 deals are usually advertised (and labeled) as "2 fo $X.00 ...OR...

$Y.00 each.

That's a really common thing. Maybe READ the ads/price tags closer.


Yes sir you are right I am on your side we need to stand up to these low life thieves who hide behind human error to steal from anyone who shops there corrupt and *** Krogers is getting ready to take over like rover. We must let all know there methods of theft by deception when people buy food at publix with food stamps it becomes federal food stamp fraud!!!

All stock holders are guilty as sin!! Yes grandma that worked at publix for 30 thats you all those poor people with kids that went to bed hungry because e.d.Crenshaw neededfood for his horse's and fual for the jet oh and that new pick up the kids can go to sav a lot where them food stamps belong ok propaganda *** how you like me now?

Publix enemy#1


Thank you keep posting we need all the help we can get please contact Kroger s and tell them they need to buy the thieving employees oh sorry stock holder associates owners and there leader e.d. Crenshaw out soon the stocks of publix are coming tumbling down go to channel 5wptv publix promise going to adam putnam does no good either publix pays for most of his political campaign s all of them and he is in charge of people who cheat Florida but hes busy trying to be governor keep posting your complaints!! Publix enemy #1


Why don't you write down on the paper before you check out you won't have this problem your check things out on your Receipt before and after check out then you won't have problems


Is this REALLY over $0.49? Why don't you watch them scan your items?

Do you expect every cashier to check all items for proper discounts?

This stuff is programmed jnto the computer system. Grow up, it's fifty cents.


Its not just 50 cents it adds up I have to go back today because they charged me $4.00 over on and two weeks ago they did it with another for $4.00 and $1.50 on another item so would have been $9.50 waisted (Overcharged)


This is why people don't like customer service.


How does mislabeling prices make Publix money? The truth is, the price in the computer (i.e.: the price it rings up in the register) is the actual price of the item as negotiated with the buyers at corporate and the manufacturer.

The sign is a piece of paper.

It's called human error, it happens at every store, and they have a policy in place that actually LOSES them money when it happens to a customer. Managers are tasked to lower the rate of Publix Promises (free items) given, which in turn means to increase pricing accuracy.

It's a process, and we're all just trying our best to do our jobs.

@Anon Pub Worker

When I shopped at Publix in Florida if it was marked one price on the shelves and came up with another price at the registered then if you brought to the attention of the manager the item was FREE


"by far you are the loser of the month for sure...

where does it say the second item is 1 cent? or how did you end up with $2.01?"

It is simple second grade math which you obviously don't understand, also you don't seem to understand English as well.

I never posted that the second item is one cent. But let me explain this to you, and I hope it does not kill a few brain cells. Simple second grade math. If the first item is scanning at $2.99 and it is two for five dollars than if the promotion is only if you buy two items the second one would scan at $2.01.

Since you most likely need a calculator to add 2 and 2 together(because you probably come up with 5) this may be to hard for you. Sorry that this is making your heat hurt while thinking.


I think the problem with this person is that they don't understand simple English, either because they are a child or they dropped out of school at a very early age. Had an adult been shopping with him they could have guided him to the right cheese that was on sale.

Not only that a lot of companies have discounts when you buy more than one of the same item. Had there been a literate adult shopping with him he would understand that the promotion was only if you bought more than one of the cheese so this child or incompetient adult is wrong and the store is right in this case.

First Born Triplet

Most stores have this deal, the 2 for $5 means one is scanned at regular price and the other is scanned at the price that adds up to $5, so their response is acceptable. With all your grudges against Publix I wonder did you ever work at the company.


What I have witnessed is that the weekly changing of prices at stores leads to these problems to one degree or another. If only one person at a location is responsible for making sure prices are correct, the incidence increases.

If that person has a poor work ethic or is required to see to too many other tasks, then it you can count on products being tagged with the wrong prices. The store can count on this also.

I do not feel that you are wrong to suspect that companies count upon this.


You are right. One person to handle hundreds of signs by themselves and expect to have all this done before store opens.

Managers never offer to give you any kind of assistance at all. You have to also scan all displays, have those signs made as well. It's impossible and we are supposed to stop and take an hour lunch, that means ad won't get done in time.

Too much pressure causes too many mistakes . I'm a scan clerk and they have made this job a nightmare by rushing us and then we have to help throw grocery trucks, when we need to scan for missing tags, signs, etc.


I'm not sure who this *** is, but at any given time there can be up to 1200 items on sale. Your complaints are like cheese cloth, they don't hold water.

Speaking of cheese, your receipt was for cottage cheese (you said cheese) and the price was right. Here's an idea stop starring at your old lady's cottage cheese, and buy the right thing to begin with.

@joe publix

I love Publix wish it was in Central Pa


Protip: Associates do occasionally forget to *** or miss a few sales tags. It happens.

Stop assuming this is a conspiracy and just accept you got the item for free.

Seriously, the sales tags get taken off on Wednesday nights, the new ones get put up on Thursday mornings, and people are people, so expect mistakes.


There are many grocery stores in Miami ...winn dixie, Walmart, target etc. Shop there.

They are soooo much bettrrr :eek


There are no Publix's in the Washington, District of Columbia area. (!)

That aside: there are literally THOUSANDS of price tags in the store and many of them get changed over on a weekly basis, if not more frequently.

Mistakes are inevitably going to happen.

If you find an error, Publix has a policy in place that they will give you one of those items for free. Fair enough, I say.

OF COURSE you should check your receipt. You should do that ANYPLACE you shop... because mistakes happen.

Crazy conspiracy talk about how Publix is orchestrating some grand, nefarious scheme to hoodwink customers out of money is just that...

CRAZY. Why jump to such a conclusion when the matter is much more simply explained by the fact that there are a zillion tags in the store, changed frequently, by human beings who make mistakes?