Tampa, Florida

my publix in tampa , fl hires new employees and cuts hours down to 12 hours a week on it's long term employees and we get no thankgiving party no christmas party unless the low level min- wage employees pay for it and ..... after ten years of service you get a star on your name tag and your pay maxes out at $13.00 a hour even if you have been there 20 years no publix's modo is move up to manegment or get pissed on.

what a cheap company the founder of publix is rolling in his grave over the fact his company has been taken over by greedy blood relatives that care only for the god almighty dollar for them selves....... it all mine all mine lol

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I HAVE been with publix nine years and when you up no they do not give you no more because they keep it for themself. Management in publix wants you to kiss their mass.

NO George Jenkins did not mean for it to be ran like this. I YOU WANT SOMETHING FOR FREE TO TO THE STORE ON HIGHWAY 96 management is so *** they will give the customer WHATEVER but gives the employees their mass to kiss.


Public in Kathleen is the same way.They wants the work us like slaves and they get paid


Publix is abusing its employees, the hours the workers work for the pay is simply an abuse


First of all catch up on the facts Mr George, the founder of publix is still alive. Second, you think just because you work there means you should have parties?

Get over yourself. And thirdly, you get paid for the job you do. When you move up your job gets harder therefore more pay.

You probably don't do a great job therefore *** pay and hours. Not their fault you suck.


Iwork4Publix, The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell, How do you feel after you bent over and had the rod up our a-s so far it came out of your mouth?


You need to read up on the facts. The founder died in the 80's. Perhaps it's an offspring you think is still alive.


Two of my daughters work for Publix. Everyone's hours are getting cut to 10 - 15 per week.

They are also "borrowing" employees to fill in at other stores. This seems to be going on at all stores in the area. They continue to hire new people. This has been going on for a couple of months I think.

We can't figure out what the point of this is. People can't continue like this.

It seems like they are trying to force people to quit but why would they do this on such a large scale? Any thoughts?


They were probably trying to prepare for the enactment of the Obama Care Act.


been at Publix for two years, worked my tail off !!! I never took a vacation until I needed surgery which I put in for a month ahead, and FMLA I was fired.

Then they tried to say I was fired for calling out for a sick kid, I was blasted after I called HR due to my manager asking to see my incisions from my surgery, telling me I did not have surgery and talking about my family.....

I am fighting back. I did not work all those hours and do all those pointless tasks to get fired for turning in a dirty manager


I was a cashier for 1 1/2 year till last summer I got taken for $57.00 on self serve and was suspended for a month and had to bag for a month. I came back from Christmas (I work part time) and management told me I can't be a cashier anymore that I ran 2 orders together Management showed me the tape and It was a simple mistake Publix has a rule of 2 mistakes of over 50.00 the person has to be reclassified to bagger. I don't think this is fair people who are good workers and on time should be punished for a mistake I am disappointed with Publix I don't Mr George would like how his loyal employees with good work standers are treated


If you're making mistakes that *** then you should be demoted. Sorry...you don't get a free ride on stupidity.


The new Publix store in Florence AL is doing less than half its gross sales it had the first six months. Florence is a city close to its working class and Publix treatment of employees and high prices are shutting this store down - day by day.

The store Mgr still has his PERSONAL RESIDENCE in Lakeland Florida area and hates the fact that he got bitchSlapped from Publix corporate and sent to Florence from Lakeland.

The store is a horrible place to work, let alone shop there. Look for the store mgr to be replaced soon, but this will NOT fix the corporate attitude that is slowly but steadily killing Publix.


Pubx runs a demeaning slave shop and reinforces abject mistreatments with sheer terror against families trying to care for their kids. Pubx sux and should be traffic blocked periodically - Froday nites 6pm to 8pm would be good.


My name is Luis, and I'm a former employee for Publix I resigned on 04/18/14. A lot of people say and think publix is a great company to work for until they work for them.

I worked for publix 5 years, last 2 evaluations exceed expectations.

I bust my butt everyday for the 5 years and have nothing to show for, a part time job never once offered Full time, ive asked my Manager they tell me have patience, isn't 5 years patient enough all I wanted was full time I'm a 31 year old man with 3 kids to feed, I needed more so I resigned and now I'm a manager for AutoZone, I forgot to mention I've been a manager for the Auto parts business for 9 years. I have management experience, I never got the chance with Publix cause you either have to no someone in high places or kiss someone's *** witch I don't do I try to let my work do the talking.


help me take this company back to the way mr George Jenkins wanted it to be. we've reached the point that he did with his old employer that spurred him to start publix in the first place.

the time is soon coming up when we'll have ONE shot at changing it that can't be stopped. i'll post when that time arrives. we MUST do it as one voice though.

do you care enough to fix it? join me


Personally, I like my job. I can't vouch for every store out there, but part of how a store is run is based on how the managers run it.

Just because you hate your store, it doesn't mean every store is god awful. Pay starts out decent for a low wage job and as time goes by it rises, but the job is a LOW WAGE job. A bagger making $20 would be crazy. The idea is to move up in the company, not stay in one entry level spot for 20 years and expect to make big money.

Life doesn't work like that, no matter where you go. As far as hours go, show some initiative! When we need more hours at our store, we talk to our fellow employees and see who needs to get rid of some. At my store new people are hired when too many people are asking off on days where business is booming.

Check your availability. Are you only set to work at very specific times and days? With an open availability as part-time I easily got 35 hours. I didn't need so many hours, so I actually closed my availability up some to try and cut them back.

Some of my coworkers with a more strict schedule have a harder time getting hours, but that's to be expected when you're barely available to work. The biggest, most important to make is this - A store is only as good as the people running it. If you have terrible managers, put in to transfer to another store nearby. If that isn't possible, try to make do, or find a new job.

If you all hate publix so much and think it's worse than walmart, by all means work at walmart! It's not called bootlicking to be proud of where you work.

My managers and all the people in charge don't know who I am writing this. How would writing this benefit me at all on the work front?

@HAPPY Publix ***ociate.

The ABUSIVE manner in which Publix treats their hourly employees is INTENTIONALLY designed and implemented from the Nazi-like Corporate offices in Lakeland Florida. I worked for two guys in a senior level that were decent and considerate human beings. Publix SHI* on both of them - and warned me to NOT speak up on anything! Just hump your butt off every day and kiss AS* in the process. OUBLIX is poverty-slave labor and Publix likes it that way. EVEN WALMART gives their employees TEN PER CENT off !!! Publix does not - and their prices are CONSISTENTLY over 18% the price at Walmart - day in and out. Their coupon program is a SHAM and their BOGOs are typically out of stock - and your rain-checks will expire before you will find the product in the stores. Publix is a dying modeland the new Florence store has already experienced high turn-over (mgt and hourly), dollars per items averages at the LOWEST 10% of the stores, inordinate rates of cost per items sold and customers angry over stock that is constantly NOT AVAILABLE.

The *** in Lakeland will milk it until Krpget buys them out - Probably within the next six to eight years. IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT RETIRING AND ARE YOUNG FORGET IT! Px offers 50% dollar matching on 3% of your pay into retirement - That mean 1-1/2 per cent. WHAT A JOKE. My last 2 gigs retirement matches were dollae for dollar on SIX percent! Idiots at Px get 1-1/2%. Now that I am back at full-time work in my field, I get that 6%.

People that post wonderful stories on this board are (1) RARE, or (2)ignorant if the world around them, or(3)company plants, or (4) suck up losers!

@HAPPY Publix ***ociate.

you are so *** - The POINT of all this is that local store mgrs are FREE to abuse everyone without any fear from px Lakeland! 1,200 stores and 1,100 are run like a prison.

Px needs to be SHUT DOWN via group actions SYSTEM wide - Traffic blocks are a good way to start.

@HAPPY Publix ***ociate.

I agree with you. I worked for Walmart for about a year.

Talk about *** working conditions. I get more hours, better pay, and more respect from the mgmt at publix than I ever got at wallyworld.


Publix is a brown-nosing, good ole boy, modern "Uncle Tom's Cabin". There total track record of abusive behaviors and denials of human decency is that of the Communist party.

Mr George NEVER would accept the terrible way they abuse their hourly staff - especially the part time folks that are gradually displacing full time jobs.