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I have been shopping at Publix since my parents first moved to Florida in 1972. Back then, we went every Saturday morning with our mother for the family groceries.

When I moved away from my parents and attended college in Florida, my friends and I always shopped at Publix. After college, and through today, I find myself as a single Dad, and I bring my own children every week to Publix for our groceries. So, knowing my longstanding loyalty to Publix, please understand how much disappointment I have experienced in the past few months at one of your stores that brought me to raise this concern. As we all continue to squeeze more and more into our daily schedules, I have tried to use the Publix Deli for the purchase of freshly cooked foods, cold cuts, dips and side dishes so that I can still provide a good meal for my family.

As a single Dad, I rely on these items when time runs short at the end of a busy day. But, more and more the Deli at my local Publix seems to be less focused on customers, under staffed, and continuously begins to close certain parts of the Deli down as early as 8:00 p.m., even though the store is open until 10:00 p.m. As a business owner myself, I understand that the slow economy has forced all of us to make cuts and changes to our existing business models. But I do not understand why the Deli, a key part of any Publix, would begin to wind down the day almost 2 hours before the store is scheduled to close.

In all fairness, I understand that at 9:45 p.m., I shouldn't expect to get freshly made chicken, or even a Publix sub. But, at 8:00 p.m.? That's simply a sign that employees are trying to beat the customers out of the store by 10:00 p.m. each night.

It signals laziness, a lack of care and supervision, and really aggravates the customer. I'm not alone. In my neighborhood, many friends comment on the Deli [among other things] at my Publix, and I have seen that many of them now prefer Whole Foods and Fresh Market for Deli and Meat items over Publix. For me, until now, Publix stood as the top choice for many Floridians for service and quality.

Maybe that is the problem, when you sit at the peak of the mountain alone for too long, you forget how you actually made the climb to get there. Tonight, a Friday, I simply wanted some chicken for my children, and an awesome Publix sub for myself. It was not even 8:30 p.m., and there was no chicken left and apparently no one there who could or would make any more. The sub area had been cleaned and packed up and only some loaves of bread remained.

There was only one visible Deli worker who had a line of 4 people waiting to get cold cuts. This picture has been a constant visual at my Publix for months. It is very frustrating. Despite my hesitation to do so, I will follow many of my friends now and look to Whole Foods or Fresh Market.

I know you won't miss one customer's revenue. But remember, I wasn't the first to go, so do not assume I will be the last.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Chicken.

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This is the first time I have ever posted a comment on any page but just left Publix in Haines City and I am so mad I could spit nails! While waiting (and waiting) at the deli counter the deli manger of all people waits on customers out of turn.

I brought it too her attention and she started arguing with me!

Look I realize that there are bigger problems in the world than my deli order but this is an issue that continues to happen and I did not appreciate the way Mercy (the deli manager) handled the complaint. I agree with you time to change were I shop.


I agree I just started working for publix deli 4th day was last night I worked for McDonald's for 2 years as a night closer 5 nights a week before publix

so I got put on a closing shift we didn't close until 10 starting noticing them taking alot of food away at 7 even 8 ish so I'm training trying to make a sub and I have no vegetables on my sub station embarrassing for me starting a new job and I can't provide what the customers need


I agree 100 percent

My Publix in Palm Coast is the worst deli

They start putting hot food away at 6:30 pm and on a friday too

Only food left out hot is chicken


I work in the deli. Although your story is completely understandable, we close down early because if we wait till the stote closes, we have 1 hour to do 2 1/2 hours worth of cleaning


This has been my experience with my local store as well. The Deli employees are lazy, surly with customers, and despite there typically being 8 to 10 of them behind the counter and few other customers in line, it's virtually impossible to get service.

It seems like most of them just loaf around, pretending like they're working. Management's solution to the Deli at my local store being completely awful seems to be to keep throwing more employees at the problem, and trying to shift to online ordering. Something is very wrong when a deli is so mismanaged that I have to order lunch meat online. And they can't even get the online orders right.

They're never ready on time. What management really needs to be doing is getting these people off their lazy *** and back to work, and firing the ones who won't work. If you want to see a properly managed deli, take a look at HEB. If you want to see a well managed sub line, look at Jimmy Johns and their use of the assembly line approach.

It seems like Publix needs to go back to the drawing board with their deli. In its current form it's inconvenient and just awful really.


While Publix has created a standard and expectation for their customers that is extremely high, they have yet to address the problems you all are experiencing. Fact is, many associates that start in the deli are the "unacceptables" for other departments such as customer service or grocery.

Seen it with my own eyes.

But the biggest issue comes from corporates push to have deli associates manage too many tasks at once.

Don't know if you all have noticed but of late Publix is creating more and more prepared food items that have very short shelf lives (1-3 days, depending on the item) in addition to platters and now "mini platters".

Alot of new products to produce - yet less time and staff to do it with.

Part of the whole "do more with less" mantra that many large corporations are operating under.

Call it what you want - laziness, stupidity - whatever. In the end, when you try to be all things to all people and you do it with either the same or less staff, you are asking for trouble.


I am so fed up with this publix BS and these employees. I understand that it is not entirely not your fault which shows management also sucks ***.

If your hours say till 10:00 you should be able to make a philly if it's on your menu till at least 9:30-9:45. I am so done with your store


All this stuff stems from the top. You are absolutely right about getting a philly at 9:30-9:45. As a matter of fact, if you are still in the store after they close and you want a philly - you should still get a *** philly.

But this is a result of more with less and associates who are micro managed and looked upon as criminals at times (then again, some of them are thieves).

Publix is awesome and they do their best - but until they address the fresh department issues that are beginning to plague them, this slide will only continue


I haven't really been to Publix, but the stores I do frequent, not only does the deli wind down earlier than the actual store, so does the meat/seafood department, customer service and the bakery department. I never considered this a big deal and am surprised at how upset the OP is.

As far as Fresh Market, their hours are more limited than Publix. Some Whole Foods close as early as 7pm and prices at both are way higher than at Publix. The OP state that the employees are closing these departments early to get out of there. Why would you think that employees are empowered to decide hours of operation?

That comes from Corporate! Now the OP is clear on hours of operation, they hopefully will learn to adjust themselves accordingly.


If you are a single dad then you should have everyone fed anyway by 8 pm. And a chicken doesn't cook in just a few minutes so someone can't just go whip you up one if they are out. Also, how hard is it to call ahead of time????


All the comments on here from publix employees are very telling. You have a bad attitude.

My boss is unreasonable! My job is so hard! You customers are so rude! What's wrong with you wanting a sub at 8:30pm?!

Yeah, but your sorry attitude drives all the customers (those people who make sure you have a place to work and a check to take home with you) to your "competition". That's good capitalism and I'm with OP. Keep it up, please. Where shopping is a pleasure?

Nah, it used to be. Thank god for capitalism, for free trade. Competition.

I'm saying thank god for whole foods. Best of luck on your mission to destroy your workplace.


You have no clue how free market I am for. Publix has built up an unrealistic standard given their current hiring, training and managing systems.

I believe they honestly think no one is going to come down here.

If youa re ever up north, check out Wegman's.

Not saying they are better but from a prepared foods point of view, they seem to have a much better program.


you know you could have also called a head to. to make you a sub and save some chicken for you to.

whether then acting like an over-grown child. that's what I try to tell my customers todo if they want something and their going tobe late coming to the store I would be more then happy to put it off to the side for them.


ive worked in a publix deli for 7 months now and im sorry to hear about your situation. but.....first we start breaking down early because if we dont we wont get out till very late.

we usually get out around 11 or 11:30. so i can safely tell u we dont try to beat the customers. its hard work dealing with about 3000 customers a week and its hard to please all of you.

im tired of spoiled customers who complain about everything. so please stop complaining and have a great day and come back to see us :x


As a current publix employee in the Deli, i gotta say, i hate working in the Deli because of all you rude customers. I woukd like to say: WHY get a sub at 8:00am???

morning foods is cereal and oatmeal, not publix subs. Also, WHY get a sub or ask for fry chicken at 9pm, an hour before the store closes... this ticks me off because as grown ups, you guys are irresponsible and dont care at what time we (the workers) leave. Foods at night= not good for you.

the company is a great company and i never regret it. I just hate dealing closing because of irresponsible customers coming 30 mins-1hr before closing, its annoying and hate how you all order stuff like we got nothing to do in the deli, its alot of cleaning and taking stuff down and also filling stuff like tea, chip walls, and also the pints of tea and combo boxes... all for you spoiled customers.

Think of how stressful it is. :(


:cry I have worked in customer service for 5 years at publix an just moved to the deli dept. Wow is the deli always busy..

It is sooo much work. Everyday I work I am beat by 11 or 12am. Phew it takes so long to clean up everything. These comments from publix workers are sooo true.

It's hard work and you have to close down things early just to get done on time. And it's true if your not done on time you will get written up.. Then fired so therefor we shall close things down early..I just made a comment to myself the other day..you know these customers have no respect for us. They just want want want and it's not fair.

We work soooo hard.. We start cleaning things down at 6pm cause stuff takes forever to clean..

Exspecially when it's busy.. Ugh just give respect to others that serve you


I agree, they expect us to drop any task and immediately assist customer, but without enough people being staffed, you never have time to complete the task, then you get reprimanded when you end up having to stay past your normal shift hours in order to complete the job. I go out of my way to assist customers but people can get demanding.

I am not a slave.

All this being said, I think they offer decent compensation for the position, but the stress level you endure nearly daily doesn't seem worth it. This is coming from someone having worked in deli, I don't know about other departments.


Your publix is no different than any other Publix. Management demands the deli is clean & sanitized, 30 minutes after closing.

Just cleaning one sub station with no interruptions takes at least 30 minutes if you're fast.

You may not like it, but don't expect miracles post 6:00PM in the deli.

They don't want to be kept longer than they do. Sure it's more money, but the lashing the associates get especially from the closing manager who has to wait only for the deli to be done, it's just not worth it.


As a publix employee, I can see what your saying but Deli employees don't make a new batch of chicken or any of the other hot items hourly. They are made at certain times so that they can be bought or thrown out by 8 in your case (but 9 at my store) My store closes at 11 mon-fri and 10 on Sun.

As employees, we do everything we can to make sure everything is clean and healthy environment for everyone. Isn't that why you go to publix? Because of the customer service and Cleanliness. Unfortunately for your store size, they might not be able to hire any more deli employee at the moment but If your in a hurry, you could always buy packaged meats.

Now if your picky on the thickness and quantity, then patients is key to good service. During rush, I always get that one person who says " go infront of me" or gives me a smile and tells me to take my time. Those are the customers I can easily remember.

So I apologize for your store, but I can say that my publix's here in Miami have great reviews from customers on our service. I can see that as a business owner,you don't posses a lot of time, but think about all the things the employees at your store have done to make your day better.


I am a publix deli employee and I understand your concern. it sucks that the deli dept has to run this way but you truly need to understand these deli clerks aren't the people to blame.

we are required to have everything sparkling clean and be out of the store by 11 (closes at 10) and it take hours of incredibly hard work every night to accomplish this task. this is one of the MANY reasons why the deli dpt is by far the hardest dpt to work in. if you worked this job for 1 night you'd understand why we need to close things down so early.

my advice to you is to take a minute and look at the other persons perspective, because to me it sounds like publix has spoiled you as a customer, and now you're setting the bar way to high for a grocery store. *** ***...