Aiken, South Carolina
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I was shocked when I bought two of the Publix brand yogurt last week. They were on sale and I love blackberries, and the picture got my attention.

I said "hmmm, blackberry fruit on the bottom, huh". Checked the ingredients to make sure there were actual blackberries in it, and sure enough, says right there "blackberries, blackberry puree". Got home opened one up, guess what? No blackberries, not even one, or a piece of one, on the bottom, just juice.

Tasted good, but would like to have had at least 2-3 blackberries. After all, the name of it is " FRUIT ON THE BOTTOM". I thought maybe it was a slip up and the machine just missed this one container, so waited until the next day and opened the other one. Yep, same thing, not a blackberry in sight.

This is so ironic and dishonest. I emailed Publix but they will probably just send coupons. I told them not to, and if they did not do something about that, I would file a complaint with the FDA.

That's so dishonest! Shame on Publix, as they are usually a very good company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Fruit On The Bottom Yogurt.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Publix Pros: Good service people, Fast checkouts, Friendly.

Publix Cons: Mislabeled product, Brand name items too high.

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Doesn't it say blackberry puree?


Who can shop at a store name Pubix? Sounds very raunchy and not trustworthy!


It's Publix *** . You either can't spell or don't know where your at.


Do you seriously have nothing else going on in your life?

Rusty C

I am shocked as well! Shocked you wasted your time with this ridiculous *** You love blackberries so much, pull over at the next ditch & pick a bushel.

@Rusty C

That was so savage slave master talk!

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