Clearwater, Florida

Publix shoppers need to grow the *** up. the only reason you have a *** shopping experience is because you make it that way.

we all work our *** off to take care of you people. what do we get in return?? complaints complaints complaints. half the stuff you people complain about we, at store level, have no control over.

and for all of you that complain about our prices, check out our buy one get one frees. you can use manufacturer coupons in addition to store or competitor coupons.if you hate shopping at publix, go to food lion, win dixie, or big lots.

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Lmao that is true. People want to complain for free stuff too. We work hard and you do ***, so go elsewhere if you're unhappy with us kissing your butt.


Publix does not give you the free one on bogo items.The vendor gives it to you and gives publix credit for the sale.If you use a vendor coupon the vendor reimburses puplix for the value of the coupon plus handling.


I find it hard to believe that you can have a pleasant shopping experience with this employee working there...This is the Great Publix service?? They need to retrain their employees. Publix is NOT the company they once were!


RUDE people, unfortunately seem to dominate the general public these days. I've almost always been treated very kindly by Publix employees.

The rat race and pace of life are affecting people to the point of distraction and insanity.

We all need to move to the mountains and away from life's insane pace and SLOW DOWN....and watch the sunset & sunrise each day!! :)


It has been awhile since I worked for Publix but if you want to talk about someone needing to grow up, perhaps you need to speak about yourself. I learned much about customer service from Publix and it happens to agree with the core values that I grew up with and hold.

I have moved from the areas where Publix is located and I miss them up here. Be thankful that you have a Publix to shop at and if you don't like them, then you do have other choices.


I stopped shopping at Publix!! NOT because of the employee or managers, but because of the RUDE people who shop there.

I have seen customers taking advantage of Publix policies and robbing the store blind. I have heard them criticise the staff for not providing them a pleasurable shopping experience?

Get real!! Publix takes care of it's customers, even the dirty low down cheap *** nasty rude ones !!