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We ordered a Publix turkey and ham dinner with several sides two days in advance and called before going to the store. When it was picked up, it was supposed to be fully cooked.

Everything was frozen, including the turkey, which had to be defrosted in a microwave. We had planned on having it ready for friends coming directly from work but it took well over two hours of cooking before everything was ready to serve. When something is advertised as fully cooked, you don't expect to have to defrost it first.

Publix should advertise their dinners as frozen pre-cooked dinners and save people a lot of aggravation and dissatisfaction. Never again.

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The problem is that they turkey is frozen solid and takes 2/5 hours to "cook". It probably should be defrosted as well. Definitely misleading and I won't be doing it again.


You misunderstood. There is no way in heck they could provide HOT ready to eat meals on Thanksgiving day. They are fully cooked, then refrigerated or frozen, for YOU to heat before your dinner. From the Publix website regarding holiday precooked meals:

Publix Deli Turkey Holiday Dinners

Publix Turkey Dinners

The centerpiece of the traditional holiday feast is a succulent, Publix Deli Fully Cooked Turkey. Ours simply requires heating before serving.


The fact is that it was fully cooked. It just wasnt hot.

YOu have to heat it but it was most definitly cooked. At the same time the person working should have told you it would be cold.


Even for a Publix employee, this is an unintelligent statement. Cold food is not cooked.


Seriously?? I have a ton of leftovers in my fridge that are most definitely cooked and most assuredly cold.


......... i am just hysterically laughing! "cold food is not cooked"


Devil in the details my hind quarters, fact should be simply, if you advertise it and sell it make sure your customers are happy.

However since publix bought all relevant competition and drove and drove mom and pop stores out of business, what we are left with now is overpriced junk.


The devil is in the details. Seldom do they list the short comings of thier products in the retail world.

The buyer beware is the first rule of shopping, always keep that inmind and you will find yourself buying alot less headaches in your life. Also you will buy less overall, as you see that most sale items have a downside, old tech, refirb product, frozen not fresh, BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED.