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Rather than settling for 3rd rate, I was glad to see that Publix Supermarkets are coming to the Charlotte NC area. Finally another company like Harris Teeter that value diversity in the work place and has great food at good prices.

Some 3rd rate stores don't matter at all. Why even complain about them. If you want good groceries, shop Food Lion, Bi-Lo, Harris Teeter, and Publix when they come. Some groceries advertise *** gas perks that you can only use at Hess stations in Charlotte, but they do not tell you teir re only two stations in town.

who in the heel would shop that grocery fo the fuel perks when you can shop Bi-Lo and redeem furl perks every time you purchase $50.00. there are plenty of shells stations to redeem these at.

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how are you gonna type this as a complaint about publix when there isn't even one in your area?