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Come ON. Publix shouldn't be closed on Thanksgiving, either. After all, it's all about the food on that day. Kroger's open. Always has been. But to shutter the doors on EASTER?? Really? What are you? -- Chick-Fil-A?

It is absolutely ridiculous for a MAJOR grocery store chain to be closed on Easter. Pay your employees a nickel extra, but get the doors open. I was absolutely infuriorated.

Why would you close just because of a, quote-unquote, religious holiday? Makes no sense.

Complaint form wants at least 100 words. Complaint form wants at least 100 words. Complaint form wants at least 100 words. Complaint form wants at least 100 words.

I'm done with you. Going back to Kroger.

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wah. wah, wah. go back to Kroger and stay there.


Attention all publix psychos, do not forget to crack jokes about Winn Dixie. How do you all like having insults hurled at you *** at publix?How come publix people have no class?


Maybe publix should be fair and close for Jewish holidays and other religious holidays also, this is america and there are lots of Americans who practice other religions, or maybe you all do not care about freedom of religion? Publix people are the most self centered idiots on this planet. How come if anyone makes any kind of criticism of publix, then publix people start hurling insults or act like they have a silver spoon up their ***


See publix cares about it's associates they allow them to enjoy these holidays with family unlike your other stores who have their associates working during these times. Call it old fashion but family is first wether it's mine or yours.

Publix has always cared for it's associates and it's patrons and goes above and beyond to cater to everyone. Publix can't make everyone happy but they always put forth the effort to try anyway.

These major holidays are times that families tend to get together and for some of us it's the fee times a year we get to spend with them. Hopefully this helps to explain the deal behind the closing on these holidays.

@Publix associate ALABAMA

Publix should close every Sunday back in the early 80 s mr Jenkins beliefs church and closed why can’t we go back to being closed on Sunday

@Publix associate ALABAMA

Since Publix is so great to their employees why do they make all of them work every weekend both days. It’s not like it’s a hospital.

I won’t even attempt to get you to see that there’s only about 50% of this large nation are Christian. And most are preached at by uneducated showman “preachers”.

Y’all have a huge blind spot as to who Jesus Christ really was- most of you are now the anti-Christ. And yes I do believe in all Jesus’ words.

@Publix associate ALABAMA

I say good job Publix! Kroger has taken and changed roundys and only gives word service that they care about employees and customers.

Kroger only cares about $$$$$$. But they're so top heavy they will crash someday!


Its a christian store so they can do whatever they want.. The world doesn't revolve around you :)


With that attitude Kroger can have you as a customer. If you can't shop for a holiday meal the day before then you have bigger problems.

It's called planning ahead. It's not a surprise when a holiday is approaching.


Guess what, in some alternate realities, Publix is only opened on Christmas Day, Easter and Thanksgiving. I am serious. Multiverse


In some alternate realities, some people practice other religions, as America was founded on freedom of religion, so great Christmas is a Christian holiday, great


Are you sure plan ahead I see people rush in the last few minutes before store close this is funny also duering hurricane Irma in Florida she blew through Florida everybody lost power and stocked up for this hurricane and no power or gas when publix reopened they had a long line outside like they never stocked up for the hurricane I got so bad in lake land division in store fighting over fried chicken hot food the cops where called for crowds and only let in a few at at a time nuts also publix in history sold a lot of subs during the week after Irma hit biggest sales in all the stores problem no gas in Florida if you found it long lines I seen waits for 4 hrs for gas


You know what, maybe it's because many publix employees don't get to see their families much when working full time. Managers are scheduled 12 hours a day most of the week at different times of the day (open, mid, close).

We are your *** indentured servants all other 362 days of the year, ***, we're worked like Hebrew slaves and they need a break sometimes too! Maybe if you would stop living at publix like half of the customers do, maybe you'd find some joy in your life instead of worrying about the three measley days that publix is closed. Have fun at Kroger where they treat you like ***, rats run through their natural nut dispensers, and they work their employees like slaves with NO BREAKS. Publix makes $12 billion a year so what makes you think your little grocery bill hurts publix.

They could give a *** less. Have fun at Kroger!


You obviously put Kroger and publix names in the wrong place, you publix looser. Stop trying to draw attention away from publix you *** Publix people can't take any constructive criticism.

How come when someone makes a comment publix people go hurling insults? Maybe publix people are the miserable bastards?


How come Kroger part time employees are treated better pay and benefit wise than publix part timers? You publix ***


no one wants to work on a day where they can be with family. so sad to bad


why can't you just shop the day before just cause a company wants to keep its religious reference doesn't make i *** *** is not using your relgious freedom while you have t your upset for nothing publix is great you're just finding a reason to hate


Shop at Kroger....when your customer service sucks you'll be back at Publix!! Where shopping is always a pleasure!


To those complaining about publix being closed on certain holidays: Get a life, really. Go enjoy your families instead of writing a complaint.

I'm actually laughing with my family about how ridiculous these complaints look.


I am a non religious person but most Publix employees are religious I assume. Let them celebrate their day.

If you can't plan ahead one day and run out of something really really essential without any prewarning then I feel sorry for you. Happy Easter anyways.