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Publix sued over overtime pay

2:39 pm April 20, 2012, by Christopher Seward

link to article:{l 'publix reports at - FOOD-Grocery}-sued-over-overtime-pay/

Several former managers and assistant managers are suing Publix Super Markets, claiming they were underpaid for overtime work.

The lawsuit, which seeks class-action status, was filed this week in U.S. District Court in Panama City, Fla.

The suit claims Publix did not include regular bonuses the managers received in calculating their rate of overtime pay. The managers, who were non-exempt employees eligible for overtime, also claim they should have been paid using "time and a half" rates instead of "half time" rates when they worked more than 40 hours a week.

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A few more thoughts.Publix doesn't owe you jack *** for having such a great time at the expense of those that never could make it onto your Special Club List. Never made it on to your drunk get togethers, much less onto your promotion list.Publix doesn't need your kind, good riddance, and you are the sole reason why Publix put the smack down on what you are doing all day, even making you be scheduled to do bagging, cashiering, and even cleaning.

Get over it, and yourself. Sadly, there are still way too many just like you still infesting the stores, directly responsible for most if not all bad customer experiences.


So can I sue the managers now and get my knee back, because for years I have been bullied into standing 8 hours a day with only 1 hour of lunch for relief?Because you and your favored little god-in-training employees bullied me into taking up all the slack while you sat on your ***, gossiped,laughed at me behind my back, had pizza parties, squirt gun parties, cell phone time,slipping outside to have a cigarette, etc., while I worked at my register in excruciating pain?? Arrogant, with a sense of entitlement, psychopaths ,you make me sick .


I don't know how much of what you experienced is truth or exaggeration, but from the sound pretty bitter, possibly lazy. If you are in such pain, seek a job that is not specifically designed to have you stand for 8 hours a day.

What did you expect at work?

I suggest you resign if you feel so angry at your job.

@Anon Pub Worker

Go climb a wall of di*ks, ***. You wouldn't know what a work day at Publix was if it was shoved up your merciless ***.

@Anon Pub Worker

Publix is one of the best companies I know of to work for. No one can touch their pay scale and their benefits.

Their meats, produce, and bakery cakes are simply the best.My discontent here is not with Publix, I hope that is understood. And there are some good managers at Publix, who do care about their employees. Unfortunately, I had the not so good kind. This isn't even really Publix's fault, they are not able to keep close enough watch over stores scattered all over the Southeast.

I have seen Publix deal with bad management, so they do finally catch up with it. Are they a perfect company? No. But, if they see complaints by customers like what is posted on this site, I am pretty certain they take note of it.

I have seen them bend over backwards to make things right with a customer, as I'm sure you have also. And they have done me right in the end, and I don't know where I would have ended up had they not taken a chance on me. You could have been a good manager to your employees for all I know .. but entitlement has a certain "feel" to it ..

Sorry for my foul language. I saw a way to vent my very painful experience and once I got started it felt so good I wanted to keep going.

I have done some emotional healing since my original post. My experience was so bad I had to seek counseling for the bitterness and anger it left me with.


Alot of companies are finally getting their dues, and are being sued for paying this sleazy Chinese (half-rate) overtime. Lowes and TruGreen are just 2 examples.