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Deli employees get real mad when you request "thin sliced" meats n cheeses. First let me add, you need to ensure the SLICERS are clean..

Port Richey, FL is terrible offender.. I have pics of utterly FILTHY slicers n they get ANGRIER when you request they clean it first..so you're not bringing home bacteria-laden food for 6 PEOPLE to get sick on! 12/17/14 my daughter went shopping for our family n requested THIN cheese n salami. Well it arrived home THINNER THAN CELLOPHANE N YES, SEE-THRU..

Clerk must've tthought this was "funny".. it is NIT FUNNY at 7 a.m. when you're attempting to assemble a sandwich n get to work.. complaint finally in to corporate.

Didn't dare take it to store for fear of further retaliation. . Here's a pic of cheese...

would you like a "slice"? Let me know..cuz it is IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE FROM THE PAPER!!!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Your so annoying you request slice thin then it's to thin. I am sure Public would be happy if you harass another store and go away


The deli near me has a meat slicer and a cheese slicer. But if that don't work for ya, just buy a block and slice it yourself, that way you get it the way you want. That's what I do, pretty simple.


If you don't like thin-sliced meats and cheeses, how about you stop requesting them to slice them thinly? Unless you are simply out for complaining about things, it sounds like you'd be much happier with normal thickness slices.


Which would be WHY the employees HATE being asked to THIN slice the meat and cheese. I think you ask for it just so you can have something to complain about.

As for cleaning, the reason they use a different machine for meats and cheese is so that they do NOT have to clean the blades between each usage.

There is no reason to clean the blades between pork products or chicken products. Only between different animal products.

There is NO reason whatsoever to have to clean the blades between the cheese slicing. The only need for either exceptions would be the time between the slicings.


I worked in a deli for many years and we used the same slicer for meat and cheese and it was sanitized between each product that was sliced. The blade MUST and SHOULD be wiped down and sanitized between EACH and EVERY use whether it be meat or cheese in order to keep any cross contamination of bacteria to food items.


How long did your deli stay in business with a process like this. The time it would take to slice meat, clean and then cheese would be considerable.

Either you were selling some to die for pastrami or you're not tellin the truth.


I just like it when people on here ASSume things.