Brandon, Florida

The new Publix unscented 25 pound bags of kitty litter now has more gray granules than the white granules [as advertised on the front of the bag]. And it clumps very poorly.

The old formula still in a little used litter box in the bedroom is almost snow white while the new litter has an over-all medium to dark gray color.

Publix, PLEASE bring back the white granule great clumping formula we've come to depend upon!

The original formula clumps great and is a good buy for out budget. And it has none of the chemicals and scents some of the brands have.

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I've used Publix Brand - & I've also used "Gray" color "Oil Absorbent" - SAME THING; GRAY PELLETS OF CLAY! - from the Auto Parts Store - & it DOESN'T MATTER, to CATS!


They STILL are *** FACTORIES, no matter the "Color" of their Litter! ...


Well Publix has been skimping on alot of things, from your kitty litter all the way up to my chances of getting a raise. U fortunately can afford to have a cat as I, a publix associate can hardly afford to feed my son.