Longmont, Colorado

The past few visits to my local Publix Grocery Store have revealed a true deficiency in their employees, management, and hiring practice. In all three cases employees could not do basic math- in example- count change.

Additionally two of the three employees were unable to operate their cash registers and conduct simple transactions. I have mentioned my experience to store and corporate management and over a six month period they have done nothing. I visited the store in Fernandina Beach last evening and nothing had changed. The same incompetent people work there.

I spoke with Mr. Kilpatrick, the store manager personally, he was offended that I would call his people incompetant.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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If you have the same problem everywhere you go, that probably means that you are the problem. You complain so much about everything that no one takes you seriously anymore.


It becomes difficult to give correct change when: 1. The customer decides to suddenly pay with a different amount after the original amount was tendered.

(Paying for 10.56 with $15.56 and then deciding to pay with 15) So the cashier has to instead give you 4.44 instead of a $5 bill


The cashier does not have enough change in his drawer because of the lack of help needed/limited amount allowed in the drawer.

3. The cashier is sick,not paying attention, or rushed by the incompetent customer.


Quit your *** please.


I personally think you like to torture yourself. If the cashier was so horrible with basic math the first time, you went the second time.

Ok, same thing happened.

You complained, nothing got done (according to you) WHY would you consider going back if you were sooooo annoyed at the cashiers.

It's people like you, who threaten to shop at Wal-Mart, that Publix is NOT sad to see go.


Ever consider that maybe they're in training or maybe their cash registers are having technical difficulties?


people like you are rude, have no appreciation for others and think you are a gift to the world. I work retail and have had people like you who trash talk employees not realizing that we provide a service to many others besides you.

We make mistakes, it should'nt happen especially when it comes to money. Show a little patience and understanding.

address the problem. Don't attack the person.


SO QUIT SHOPPING THERE, this is a B.S. complaint anyhow. I know for a fact you are an ex-employee who got fired for stealing