Sarasota, Florida
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I am a cashier for Public and I can assure you the above does not happen. However, Public is not a great place to work..

5 relatives of Mr. George own 21% of the company while everyone else owns the other 79%.. They are always looking for ways to *** out of something earned. They keep chipping away what made the company great.

And now they promote young kids into management positions. These 20 year olds don't know squat about employee relationships. All the older, wiser managers with wisdom are being forced out. It's very sad to watch the decline.

And if you don't know someone important forget your future.. It doesn't matter how hard you work they will find a way to knock you down..

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My wife is still working for publix but after 20 years and multiple times taking test and passing high 99 and doing multiple jobs opened multiple stores in the district and continues to train as the area trainer and is still never considered for management. Sleeping, blowing or out for drinks is out of the question!

For promoting.

What about your merits,experience or value you create. What ever happen to what George s philosophy of taking care of the associates.