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My daughter went into publix in Stuart fl when she paid she had rolled up her money the cashier asked her if she was snorting cocaine she's in the 8th grade the cashier was in his 60s or 70s when she returned to the truck she told me what happened so I went in and asked the guy if he said that to my daughter he swore up and down that he didn't so I told him i was going to get my daughter and son to come back in and at that time Barbara the management came out of her office yelling at me to be quiet or she was going to call the cops I told her to do that when the cops got there the cashier in question was gone disappeared the cops said he didn't brake the law by talking to my daughter like that and management covered for him and called cops on me I'm a single father who has spent over 70,000 dollars there in the last 10 years no more I will be contacting a lawyer first thing Monday morning and won't shop at publix again

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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Publix was absolutely the worst place I have ever worked. I think they are hiding the true displacement of financials from the public and employees.

I think they will close some stores and consolidate just like Winn Dixie. I wouldn't work there to save my skin..


Let us know how that lawsuit works out for you!


well shop at wallmart and the cashier will ask to borrow your daughters bill to go snort some pills real quick. The little druggie will probably be happy to snort it off his ***.


How do you know your daughter isn't lying?


You're an ***. You're going to contact a lawyer?

Over a comment?

And you've spent 70,000 in this store? Now I think you're a liar as well as an ***