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So have you been so embarrest to have your kids other people in line and even your husband see the cashier flirting with him. This got so out of hand every time we used to go pick up groceries she will come out of no where and start smiling she will go open a line to take us next talk to my husband how are you i havent see you here lately like she a friend.

I try to complint but next thing the cahier and another employee started to falow me when i went never went again. really publix i dont think a lot of companies would allow that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Cashier.

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The same thing happened to me and my husband. But it was at Giant Eagle Grocery store.

A young woman did that to us. And my husband didn't see what she was doing but i could see it right away. I ignored it because i couldn't see making a stink over a young kid trying to get her jollies on me.

So i tolerated her inmature behavior as a joke on her instead of me. Sometimes it takes a cool head to kill the evil in a person.


Seems to me you have a low self esteem and are getting mad because your husband isn't interested in your old *** anymore after poppin out a few monsters.


Honey! if the man wasn't interested in her old *** then he would have left her for you but he's not *** either.

I see this in stores all the time. Cashiers get overly friendly just to get brownie points. It happens in the workplace all the time some people go too far with being friendly and nice. How to solve that talk to the couple instead of the husband.

And the complaints will end. Unless you enjoy breaking up happy couples


Publix requires the cashiers to be friendly. They want us to make sure you had a great shopping experience and to get to know our regular customers and even call them by name and here you are complaining.

I suppose that if we did not smile and were rude you would be complaining too.

I agree with Doesn't Matter, the cashier was doing her job. And yes, you really should learn how to spell.


Nice is ok! but firt with the wife's husband in front of her and the kids that just being to nice and then some.

And you don't need their business that bad do you? or do you?


As an employee of Publix Supermarkets we are told to open lines for customers, smile at them, and generally be nice. We're also highly encouraged to familiarize ourselves with our frequent customers to make them feel special.

We've been told to try and remember customers names. What you've described here doesn't sound like flirting.

It sounds like the cashier was doing her job. And please, learn how to spell.


I will need to see a picture of you, your husband, and the cashier before deciding if there was anything inappropriate about the situation.