Miami, Florida

Here they go again. First 2 liter coca cola almost $2 bucks and now Breyers container hits $6.17 Time to boycott?

It seems they have us all figured out ay? Publix needs some competition here in S. Fla. that's for sure.

Looks like the only one able to give them a run for the money is Walmart. Actually if you need to stretch your dollars, go to publix first and buy whatever is on sale, 2 for 1. Then head to walmart for the rest, don't forget to bring an insulated bag, it helps. either way....

shame on you publix. Last word.

buy california strawberries. THe once grown in Fla are tasteless.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Walmart honors Publix BOGO offers! Just bring in the Publix flyer.


Sign me up for the boycott Publix movement. Their prices are outrageous.

And it is the company...supermarkets in other cities charge much less and have better promotions - 10 items for $10 on many, many items, $5 off if you buy ten selected items etc.

I go to farmer's markets for produce ($.75 for a red pepper-Publix is #3.99/lb),

Entemenn's outlet stores for bread/cakes etc.

Dollar Stores for many staples - spices, paper products, ingredients. A little more in gas maybe, but it's dollars I'm not giving to Publix.


that's why i shop at walmart! and yes i dont like walmart but good prices!


Yesterday at Publix in Navarre Fl: Apples $3.29 lb, my daughter weighed one it was 1.2 lbs so roughly $4.00 per apple. Shame on them.


Boycott? seriously?

Funny. Anyway, the prices rise because of the economy, its not the company.


Ice cream and soda are too expensive. Potato chips are expensive as well.

Publix did this to YOU on purpose. hahaha.

Maybe you should switch over to real food like salads and fruits and veggies.

There's an idea.

Oh and you boycotting Publix won't even make a scratch on the Publix account.


Breyer's is a high quality product, and ice cream is not a life necessity. Boycott? Seriously?