Miami, Florida

i have been making my own smoothies at home for many years with no problems with my stomach. when i started useing the publix brand sugar free orange sherbert in my smoothies i got very sick with gas cramps and diareah.

the other night i ate only the sherbert and got the same symtoms so it must be the sherbert.i made a smoothie without the sherbert and i did not get any symtoms like before. there must be something in the ingredients that is causing the problems.

i hope someone from publix reads this and corrects the problem before someone get severly ill or maybe worse

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Same product same problem. This stuff is dangerous.


My husband had the same thing....diarrhea and very bad gas pains.


Happening to me too in Wilton manors...........can not sleep at not,, never had gas like this


Night instead of not


They just got me twice in the last 3 days. That *** sherbet is in Key West Publix to.

My Stomach sounds like a thunder storm and I can't go anywhere now.

It is 9-06-2017 and we are getting ready for major hurricane. Thanks Publix! This is just what everyone needs.

Hope you make a lot of money off of this.

Yes this is sarcasm for those who are wondering.


I ***....A LOT!!!!!


So happy to find this information. I had dental surgery and have been eating this( more than one serving) especially at night.

The past two nights I've had so much gas and multiple trips to to the toilet thru out the night. Guess it's time to lay off and the sad part is I really love the taste of this sherbet.


I was very ill ( all night), as well. Do not eat the Sugar-Free Orange Sherbert.


Try sherbet. Maybe it's better than sherbert.


I think it's because you used the sugar free kind. My hubby makes fun of me when I eat anything sugar free bc of the toots. Lol


This stuff will absolutely tear your insides to pieces. Love the taste but not worth the pain...


I have similar symptoms from orang publix sherbert and googled to see if anyone else did. Other sherbets seem fine


I'm glad it inst the amazing Pizza I had at Frankie's Meatballs last night... That being said I'm having the same problem.

For those that watch South Park I've had at least 10 Cartman blowouts. My toilet is completely destroyed and I'm just bleaching everything I touch. I might as well take a bleach bath too. PUBLIX ORANGE SHERBERT IS POISON!



Me too. Thought my stomach was going to blow out.

Pain, gas, and runs at least 7 times during night.

Worse than labor pains!!! Wonderful taste but it will rip u apart.


I am experiencing the very same thing. At first I thought it was the Spinach salad I was eating so I stopped eating that.

But "my problems" continued. I continued to eliminate everything and finally it came down to the No Sugar Added Orange Sherbert from Publix.

I was amazed when I googled it and found many with the same problem. So no more Publix orange sherbert for me....


Wow i think i lost ten lbs. My wife and are tag teaming the toilet.


My mother and I had the same Orange Sherbert Sugar Free ice cream, and it gave us gas and diarrhea/ My mother naively bought it again, and is now suffering suffering from intense gas cramps. Be careful if you try this product, eat a few bites and wait a few hours to see if it affects you badly.

@Publix Customer

I have had gas all day and thought it was from a vegetable. So glad I read this thread .

This stuff is out of my freezer now. I will try a regular sherbet not the sugar free.


OMG I'm glad I read this... I've been eating a lot of the regular orange sherbet the last month and my bowels have been going nuts...


Im on the TOILET WITH MY LAPTOP as I Type!!! I can eat anything, and last week after eating Publix Orange sugar Free sherbert or ice, I was on the toilet for over hours.

ONE WEEK LATER, I bought it again, and Today, it just started a few hours ago. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG. IT HAS TO BE THE PUBLIX SUGARFREE ORANGE STUFF!!! Is it poisened?

I think we need to report this to the health department. I will complain Monday, everyone else should as well!!!!!