Atlanta, Georgia
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I purchased 3 8oz containers of publix brand lump crabmeat. I believe it was 12.99 or 15.99 per container to make she crab soup.

After the soup was made it the recipe said divide the crabmeat into bowls. Thankfully I didn't add it to the soup. I opened it p and it smelled worse than rotten eggs, I tasted it and it tasted just as bad. I double checked the expiration date and it said May 2015.

I cant imagine it would keep that long. Anyway , I even tried rinsing it in a colander but it was still the same. I put it back in the container and it is going right back to Publix and I expect a refund.

I would advise everyone to get fresh and never buy this crabmeat from publix ever. I am sure that if someone ate it they would get very sick.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Why would buy buy crab meat that’s 3 years out of exploration date ? You’re faut not reading the label. 3 years on fresh seafood what you can’t read


Publix does not have canned crab meat under their private label.


Yes they do. I bought some and it's just as nasty as the original reviewer stated.


I have really had it with the Deli manager at the Groveland, florida store. She has on more than one occasion snipped me off, and I had been nothing but polite and patient at a busy counter.

Today she passed me off to another emplyee to help someone else. Take your attitude and leave it at home Jeanette. You are the MANAGER.. I will not approach that counter again if you are behind it.

I shop there 3or 4 times a week, and am sick of feeling like i'm troub;ling you to cut some *** meat and cheese.